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Customize Your On-Screen Guide


Customize colors, grid height and more

  • Go to Main Menu and select Setup.

Change the language of your on-screen menus and audio

  • Go to Main Menu, select Setup, and then Text Language Setup and/or Audio Setup.
  • Note that your TV Listings and program descriptions will remain in English, even if language settings are changed.

View messages from Comcast

  • When you have a message, an Envelope icon will appear on the Main Menu and TV Listings screens, and a red light will appear on your TV Box.
  • To view messages, go to the Main Menu and select Messages.

Listen to commercial-free audio music channels on your TV

  1. Select the Search icon from the Quick Menu; press OK/Select.
  2. Highlight Music and press OK/Select.
  3. Scroll through available channels, highlight your selection and press OK/Select.

Check the weather

Go to Main Menu and select Local Weather.

Search for shows

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote control to go to the Quick Menu.
  2. Select the Find Shows icon and then Search TV & On Demand (to search TV Listings and XFINITY On Demand programs at once).
  3. Search by program title, actor, director or channel name by using the on-screen keyboard.

Set a reminder

  1. Access the TV Listings and highlight the program that interests you.
  2. Press Info to view the program description, then select the Bell icon.
  3. You'll be prompted to set (or cancel) the reminder.
  4. When your show is about to begin, a reminder alert will appear on your screen.
  5. Press OK to join the program or Exit to cancel.

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