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Braille, Large-Print and Screen Reader-Friendly XFINITY User Guides

Braille, large-print and screen reader-friendly versions of our XFINITY user guides enable customers who are blind or have low vision to learn how to get started with their new XFINITY products and services in an accessible format. These documents are available to customers at no additional charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an XFINITY user guide?
An XFINITY user guide orients you to your new products and services. It is a printed packet that explains how to get started and offers tips and tricks for getting the most out of your XFINITY experience.

How is a Braille user guide different from a standard user guide?
A Braille user guide is embossed in Braille, a tactile writing system in which characters are represented by a configuration of dots. Braille documents are typically embossed on a thick paper stock so that the characters can be felt as the reader moves his or her fingers along the lines of Braille text.

How is a large-print user guide different?
A large-print user guide is printed in 18-point font to allow readability for customers with low vision.

How do I request a Braille or large-print user guide?
To request a Braille or large-print user guide, please contact the Comcast Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities by emailing accessibility@comcast.com.

Once your user guide has been formatted and printed, it will be shipped directly to the address listed on your account (or an alternate address if you provided one when making the request). Please allow up to 10 business days for formatting, printing and delivery of your user guide to be completed.

In the meantime, can I download a screen reader-friendly version of my XFINITY user guide?
Yes, you can also download an accessible, screen reader-friendly PDF version of your respective XFINITY user guide here:

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