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XFINITY Stream App Apple Watch Extension Overview

This article provides a basic overview of how to enable and use the XFINITY Stream app Apple Watch extension, which allows you to control one or more XFINITY X1 TV boxes using an Apple Watch paired with an iPhone running iOS 8.2 or later.

Note: Apple Watch OS 2 is required to run the XFINITY Stream app.

Enabling the XFINITY Stream App Extension

  1. Once you have installed the XFINITY Stream app (pictured here in the top right corner), tap the Apple Watch app.
    The Apple Watch app is the third from the left in the row at the top, which also includes "Game Center" and "Extras"
  2. Tap XFINITY TV.
    On the WatchKitSettings screen, "XFINITY TV" is near the top.
  3. Move the Show App on Apple Watch slider to the right (the "on" position) to enable the extension.
    The slider is enabled when it's green
  4. When you get started you will see a message that says "Please sign in to XFINITY TV on your phone." Make sure you are signed in to your XFINITY account through the XFINITY Stream app on your Apple Watch-paired iPhone.
    Watch screen with message telling you how to proceed to get started.
  5. If you don't have an X1 TV box, you will see a message that indicates: "To use your Apple Watch with XFINITY TV, you need an X1 TV box."
    Watch screen with message telling you what you will need before you can use your Apple Watch with XFINITY TV.

Home Screen and Basic Controls

  1. The app home screen includes three core features: What to Watch, Recordings and Last Watched. Swipe left to reveal the Player Controls.
    What to Watch is at the top followed by Recordings and Last Watched below it.
  2. Player Controls include the ability to skip ahead or back, play and pause a program. Swipe left to reveal Voice Control.
    In the middle of the watch screen there is a circle with the pause and play buttons inside of it and a left and right arrow outside of the circle for skipping ahead or back.
  3. To use Voice Control, simply tap the Mic icon.
    The Mic icon is a microphone in a circle in the middle of the watch screen.
  4. Speak a voice command, such as "Record Game of Thrones," or tap Done. Swipe left again to reveal the D-Pad controls.
    The voice command appears as you say it on the watch screen. "Done" is in the top right corner.
  5. Tap the OK, Up, Down, Left and Right icons to control your X1 TV box as you would with a remote control. Tap the xfinity icon to access the main menu on your X1 TV box.
    The OK icon is in the middle of the watch screen and the up, down, left and right icons are all around it. The xfinity icon is in the lower left part.

Switching TV Box Control

  1. If you have multiple X1 TV boxes, you can switch which one you are controlling with your Apple Watch by tapping the drop-down menu (it's labeled Living Room in the example below).
    The drop-down menu for the TV box you are controlling is below the play/pause icon.
  2. Then select the available X1 TV box that you would like to control below a message that asks "Which TV do you want to control?"
    In this example, Living Room 2 is selected and it has a blue check mark next to it.

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