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Learn About Separable Security

The Federal Communications Commission requires cable operators to deploy digital cable boxes that separate the security control from the cable box.

If your new cable box isn’t a CableCARD-enabled box

The Federal Communications Commission's mandate outlines that we can’t deploy any new cable boxes that don’t meet the Separable Security requirement (which is presently satisfied by using CableCARD-enabled cable boxes); however, we’re still able to deploy non-CableCARD-enabled cable boxes that have been previously deployed. The box you have received has been previously deployed and is therefore in compliance with Separable Security.

If your new cable box is different than your other boxes

We’ve started to deploy new boxes that are in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission's Separable Security mandate. The new box you received is enabled with a removable CableCARD that allows you access to your cable package (previous boxes had technology embedded within them to provide this function). Your experience with the CableCARD-enabled boxes will generally be the same as the other boxes you have used in the past. Functionality and features are the same, and there’s no special charge applied to your bill for the use of the new box.

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