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Record and Watch TV Programs with Your DVR

What is DVR? A simple way to record and watch your favorite shows.

About DVR

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. It lets you record any TV program and watch it at a later time. It also allows you to rewind and fast-forward live TV, pause a show, or even create your own instant replays, and watch in slow motion.

To get more answers to your DVR questions, or to order a DVR, visit our product page.

Control Your Programs

With DVR service from Comcast, you can pause live TV, view an instant replay or rewind your favorite scenes — all with your remote.

Image of control buttons on DVR remote control
  • Pause: Instantly freeze the action. Press Play to resume the program.
  • Instant Replay: Immediately repeat the last 15 seconds of a live program or recording by pressing the Instant Replay button until you arrive at the part you want to replay.
  • Rewind / Fast-Forward: Available at up to four different speeds to the point of the live broadcast. Press multiple times to increase speed. Press Play to resume at normal speed.
  • Skip Forward or Skip Back: Skip in five-minute intervals backward or forward to the point of the live broadcast.
  • LIVE: Skip forward to the live point of a program.
  • My DVR: Displays the DVR Menu options.

Record a Program

TV Listings screen displays TV shows with times and descriptions.
TV Listings Screen

Record from TV Listings:
  • Highlight the program you want to record and press the Record button on your Comcast remote. A red dot will appear next to the program title indicating that it's scheduled to record.

Record while watching TV:
  • Press the Record button on your remote. You'll receive a recording notice on your screen.

Watch a DVR Recording

DVR Menu screen - My Recordings selection

DVR Menu Screen
  1. Press the My DVR button on your Comcast remote and select My Recordings.
  2. Highlight a program and press the OK/Select button on the remote.
  3. Select the Play button to begin.

Your DVR Also Lets You

  • Record a Series:
    • While in TV Listings, highlight the TV series you want to record, press the Record button on your Comcast remote twice and select the Series Recording option. Or press the Info button, select the Record icon from the Program Information screen and select the Series Recording option.
  • Swap Between Two Programs:
    • Press the Swap button to switch back and forth between the two tuners of your DVR so you can control the action of two programs. You can rewind what you have missed or fast-forward to skip ahead in the program you have paused. If you flip between the two programs without using the Swap button (for example, pressing the Last button) you will lose the buffer.

DVR service requires an XFINITY TV subscription. A monthly charge for DVR Service applies. Not all services available with all XFINITY packages.

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