What to Expect With Your First Comcast Bill

You may notice that your first Comcast bill is higher than your monthly rate, or see unfamiliar charges. Your first bill payment includes all charges incurred from the day your account was activated, as well as your monthly rate for the next billing period.

First Comcast Bill Summary

Your first Comcast bill payment includes:
  • A prorated amount from your activation date to your bill pay date*
  • A charge for the next month of service
  • Any activation, installation, or one-time fees, with applicable taxes
*In some locations, your service activation date may indicate the start of your billing cycle. As such, you may not see any prorated amounts on your bill.

Prorated Charges

The prorated charge is for the use of Comcast service from your activation date until the end of the current billing period. For example, if your service began on March 13 and the Comcast billing period ends on March 25, you will be charged for twelve days of service instead of the full month.

Because we charge one month in advance, your first bill also includes the following month of service at your regular rate.

New Charges

Your Comcast bill will also include an itemized list of fees incurred between your activation date and billing date. Some of these fees, like activation or setup, are one-time charges. Others, like equipment rental, are recurring.

Future Comcast Bills

Your future Comcast bills will reflect charges for one billing cycle, subject to any promotions or changes to your subscription package.

Want to stay on top of your bill? Add a mobile number to your account to receive alerts when your bill is ready and due for payment. 

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