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How to Make a One-Time Payment On the Comcast Mobile Site

Forgot to mail the check? Waiting for automatic monthly payments to take effect? Simply make a one-time payment with your mobile device by visiting our mobile website.

Make a One-Time Payment Using Your Mobile Device

When setting up a one-time payment, keep in mind that credit card payments and checking account deductions can take up to two days to process and post to your account. Also note that if you want to get ahead of your bill, you can always pay more than the amount due. Any extra you pay will go towards your next bill.

To set up a one-time payment on your mobile device:
  1. Open a browser on your mobile device and type www.xfinity.com/m or customer.xfinity.com/m.
  2. Tap My Account.
    My Account mobile site. My Account button is at bottom right.
  3. Tap Pay your bill.
    Mobile Make a payment window. Yellow Pay your bill button is center screen.
  4. You will be presented with two options to pay your bill:
    • Pay using My Account: Make a payment by logging in with your XFINITY username and password.
    • Pay using account number: This feature allows you to pay with only your Comcast account number and payment information.
  5. If you wish to sign in, tap Pay using My Account and proceed to Step 10.
    Choose Pay Using My Account (upper) or Pay Using Account Number (lower).
  6. If you wish to pay without signing in, tap Pay using account number.
  7. You will be prompted to either take a picture of the payment coupon that came with your statement to determine your account number, or to enter your account number manually.
  8. You will then be prompted to enter the last four digits of the telephone number associated with your account.
  9. Tap Continue. After completing these steps, proceed to Step 12.
  10. Enter your XFINITY username and password.
    My Account login window with fields for Email or username and Password.
  11. Once you have logged in, you must accept the Terms and Conditions.
    My Account Terms and Conditions window. Blue Accept button at lower right.
  12. The screen will show your account balance, with the option to view your bill. Tap Make a payment.
    Billing & Payments window displays balance. Yellow Make a payment button at lower center.
  13. Enter the amount you wish to pay and tap Continue.
    Payment amount window has field for desired payment amount. Yellow Continue button in center.
  14. Select your payment method and tap Continue.
    Choose how you'd like to pay window: choose credit or debit card, or checking or savings account. Yellow Continue button at lower center.
  15. Based on the method you have chosen, enter your payment information and tap Continue.
    Bank account details window has fields for Account holder's name, Account number and Routing number. Yellow Continue button at lower right.

    Note: For card payments, you will also be asked for the three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV) that appears on the back of your credit card. (The CVV on American Express-branded cards has four digits and appears on the front.)
  16. Review your payment information and tap Submit.
    Verify payment window showing amount of payment entered. Yellow Submit button at center right.
  17. A payment verification screen will display.
    Confirmation message: Thank you! Your payment of [amount] has been submitted. Your confirmation number is [confirmation number]. We've sent a confirmation email to [email address]. Please note it may take up to 3 days for us to process this payment."

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