What is Voice2Go?

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Voice2Go.


What is Voice2Go?
Voice2Go is a feature of Xfinity Voice that provides the ability to make and receive calls with your Xfinity Voice number using the Xfinity Connect app. You can also create up to four additional personal phone numbers, provided by Comcast, for you and your family to make outgoing calls and use the Advanced Call Forwarding service.

How can I activate Voice2Go?
Please see Activate Voice2Go with the Xfinity Connect App.

How can I get the best experience when using Voice2Go?
Voice2Go can be experienced with any connection to the Internet through your Xfinity Connect app. We recommend using a WiFi hotspot for the best experience with Voice2Go. Note that standard data and/or roaming charges may apply, check with your carrier.

Where do I download the Xfinity Connect app?
You can download the latest version of the Xfinity Connect app from Google Play or iTunes.

What features does Voice2Go support?
The features of Voice2Go include:
  • Voice2Go Outbound Calling: Use your home or personal phone number to make nationwide calls from your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or Android device.
  • Advanced Call Forwarding: With the Xfinity Voice Advanced Call Forwarding feature, you can automatically forward phone calls made to your Xfinity Voice number with up to four additional phones or devices so you will never miss a call.
  • Personal Phone Numbers: Xfinity Voice also offers up to four personal phone numbers, which can be assigned to family members, and are separate from the primary account holder's phone number. Personal phone numbers work within the Xfinity Connect app so you can make calls for free when on a WiFi network, either in your home or on the go.

How do I make a call with Voice2Go?
  1. Download the Xfinity Connect app from Google Play or iTunes to your compatible smartphone or tablet.
  2. Sign into the Xfinity Connect app with your Xfinity ID.
  3. If you haven't already done so, activate your Voice2Go service.
  4. Tap the Dialer icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, or from the left navigation menu.
  5. Dial the number you want to call.

How do I manage call settings and review call logs for different personal phone numbers as the primary account holder?
  1. Sign into Xfinity Connect with your Xfinity ID and password.
  2. Select the Voice tab at the top of the screen.
    Xfinity Connect top navigation bar with Voice highlighted.
  3. Select the telephone number from the drop-down list at the top left of the screen to review its call history.
    Phone number dropdown on top left.
  4. To adjust call settings, select the Settings icon Settings icon, which is a gear. in the top right of the screen.
  5. Select the telephone number from the drop-down list at the top left of the screen.
    Settings Connect menu.

Can I add someone to an existing Voice2Go call?
Yes, you can also add an inbound caller to your existing conversation within the Xfinity Connect app. When a new call is received, you have the ability to either place the existing call on hold or tap 'merge calls' to put both calls into conference.

How do I add and manage contacts in Voice2Go from Xfinity?
Your existing online address book in Xfinity Connect is available in the Xfinity Connect app and can be used to initiate a call in Voice2Go. Add and manage contacts the same as you would today within Xfinity Connect.

How does voicemail work?
Click on the Xfinity Voice tab within Voice2Go and you will be taken to the Xfinity Connect app visual voicemail view (this also includes all call logs). Remember to set up a voicemail pin to access your voicemails when you set up your personal telephone numbers.

Can I move between WiFi hotspots when on a call?
No. Your call is restricted to the WiFi zone you are in when the call is started.

Can I call people in other countries with Voice2Go from the Xfinity Connect app?
Yes, if you have added the international calling plan with Xfinity. Calling rates depend on the international calling package that you have on your Xfinity Voice home telephone number.

Can I travel abroad and use my Xfinity Connect app to call?
Yes. By connecting your smartphone to any WiFi hotspot globally you can make a call with your Xfinity Connect app as if you were calling from your home phone. Note that standard data and/or roaming charges may apply; check with your carrier.

Do I need a smartphone to use Voice2Go?
Without a smartphone you can still use the Advanced Call Forwarding features of Voice2Go to direct any call to your designated telephone. In order to download and use the Xfinity Connect app you must have an iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or Android device.

How will caller ID for my personal telephone number be displayed?
Only the personal telephone number will display on the caller ID. In order to display a name, the receiver of the call will need to add the personal telephone phone number and associate it to a name in their local directory/address book.

Can I add a secondary user account to Voice2Go?
Yes, you can get four additional numbers that can be used by your family. Each of the additional numbers has access to the Xfinity Connect app and Advanced Call Forwarding.

Can I add Voice2Go to a secondary home telephone number?
No, at this time Voice2Go is only available for the primary home telephone number.

What iOS versions are supported by the Xfinity Connect app?
The Xfinity Connect app for iOS works on devices running iOS version 8.1 and above.

Are there certain iOS devices that do not work with Voice2Go?
Yes, Voice2Go will not work on iPod Touch first, second and third generation devices and iPhone 3G devices. In order to use Voice2Go it is recommended that users use iOS devices running iOS 8.1 or above.

What is my Security Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
Your Security PIN is a four-digit number used to protect your confidential telephone user information, which includes information on how much you use your phone and the numbers you have dialed. Learn more about your Security PIN.

How can I get access to my account in the Xfinity Connect portal if I have Skype Click to Call installed?
Simply turn off Skype Click to Call in your browser settings and you should be able to access the Xfinity Connect portal.

If my Advanced Call Forwarding destination number is turned off, what happens to my Voice2Go call?
If you have only set up one destination number for your Voice2Go number and the device for this destination number is turned off, the Voice2Go call will go directly to the destination number's voicemail. If the destination number does not have voicemail, the call will be diverted to your Voice2Go voicemail.

What if I decide to change my Xfinity Voice number after activating Voice2Go?
As this is treated as a phone number disconnect, this will cause all of your activated Voice2Go phone numbers to be removed. In order to activate Voice2Go service on your new phone number and add new personal phone numbers, please follow the steps outlined in Activate Voice2Go with the Xfinity Connect App.

What happens if I have a seasonal account?
If you ask that your account go on a seasonal suspension, you will need to reactivate Voice2Go via the Xfinity Connect app once your service has been fully restored. Once the account has been suspended, you will lose all of your current mappings, as well as your personal telephone numbers (PTNs) and voicemails.

I am having issues using Voice2Go with my Apple device over the T-Mobile Network.
We are aware of calling issues when using the Xfinity Connect Voice2Go feature with Apple devices on T-Mobile's wireless network. We are working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can connect your iPhone or iPad to a WiFi network to make and receive calls.

Note: This issue only affects users with iOS 10 or above.