What Does the Xfinity Logo Next to an Email Message Mean?

Why is there an Xfinity Verified Email logo in your emails?

An Icon You Can Trust

The Xfinity Verified Email logo is an icon that will display in your webmail inbox next to any email sent from a Comcast/Xfinity source (e.g., bill pay reminders, My Account, security updates, newsletters, etc.). It verifies the authenticity and origin of the Comcast/Xfinity email you receive.

Email Protection

This will help you in recognizing email schemes, such as identity theft and phishing attempts through emails that pretend to be from Comcast/Xfinity.
XFINITY Connect mailbox with emails that have the XFINITY logo next to them.

Always Present

Every email with the Xfinity Verified Email logo will also have the full Xfinity Learn More logo in the upper right or left corner of the email body depending on your version of Xfinity Connect.
Email with XFINITY logo in upper-right corner, followed by Verified Email Learn more logo.