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How to Transfer Your XFINITY Services Using XFINITY Movers Edge

Moving? This article explains how you can transfer XFINITY services to your new address online. Simply follow the steps below.

Using Movers Edge

  1. Access Movers Edge in one of three ways to help you transfer your XFINITY services online:
  2. Sign into your account if you have not already done so.
    Account sign-in page.
  3. Enter the date you would like to stop service at your current address.
    Fields to input address you are moving from and drop down for date to stop service.
  4. Enter your new address and click Continue.
    Fields to enter contact number and address you are moving to.

    Note: If your new address is noted as being outside the Comcast service area, proceed to Step 8. If your new address is noted as being inside the Comcast area, proceed to Step 11.
  5. The installation page will display. Select professional installation or self-installation, followed by the date you would like your service to start at your new address. (Please note that self-installation may not be available.) If professional installation is selected, you'll be asked to choose a two-hour timeframe for a technician to arrive. Click Continue after specifying the installation details.
    Option to select preferred installation method set for self-installation.

    Options to select installation is set for professional installation. Continue is at bottom left.
  6. The Review Details page will display. Click Confirm Move to complete the order process.
    Review Details page. Confirm Move option is at bottom left.
  7. After the order is submitted, a confirmation page will display. This page provides a Moving Summary with all of the information needed for your move.
    Moving Summary page with move details.
  8. If your new address is outside of the Comcast service area, you will have the opportunity to cancel your XFINITY services. Select Get Started.
    New address is outside Comcast area screen. Get Started option is at bottom right.
  9. Confirm your service stop date, then click Continue.
    Tell us when you'd like to stop your XFINITY service screen. Continue option is at bottom right.
  10. Review your XFINITY service cancellation information, then click Confirm to complete the order.
    Confirmation screen.
  11. In cases when your order to transfer or cancel XFINITY service cannot be directly submitted through the Movers Edge website, you can submit a request for an agent to call you back within two hours to complete your transfer of service. Verify that the callback number is correct (or update if needed), then click Submit.
    Call-back number verification screen. Submit option is at bottom left.

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