Text to Get Account Updates with Comcast Alerts

Alerts are an easy, quick way to manage your account and get information – like payment confirmations and your current balance. Get started with the setup information here.

Set Up Text Alerts

In order to receive text alerts, you'll first need to register your mobile device in My Account. For instructions, see Set Up XFINITY Text Alerts From My Account.

Once you've registered your mobile number, you can use text commands anytime you want to instantly get information about your account. Text any of the following commands to 266278 (COMCST):*
  • BAL: Check your balance.
  • OUT: Check for service outages.
  • LOC: Find a Comcast Service Center.
  • NOAPPT: Cancel a service appointment.
  • COMMAND: See all available features.
  • HELP: Get additional service information.
  • STOP: Unsubscribe from XFINITY Text Alerts.

Tip: Add 266278 to your phone's contact list so you have easy access to text commands.

*Note: Message and data rates may apply.

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