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What if checking your XFINITY voicemail was as convenient as reading an email? Now it is with Readable Voicemail. This all-new feature converts your XFINITY voicemail messages to text. Have the text emailed directly to you or access it online. Just sign in to and click on the Voicemail button to read your message or to listen to it – anytime, anywhere.

XFINITY gives you voicemail your way. It's fast, easy and included with your XFINITY Voice service for no additional cost. So don’t wait – activate Readable Voicemail today!

Switch on Readable Voicemail today — it's easy!
1 Go to the Voice Preferences tab in XFINITY Connect. If you are not already signed in to you will be prompted to enter your Comcast ID and password.
2 Enter the email address where you would like to receive your voicemail transcripts and click “Add.”
3 Check "Send transcripts via email."
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