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Xfinity LGBTQ Community Recommendations: Family Equality Council

June 20, 2018 | Scott Conant

The latest collection to join our feature on LGBTQ youth and families is the Community Recommendations list from the team at Family Equality Council, an organization that works to advance legal and lived equality for LGBTQ families.

For over 30 years, Family Equality Council has worked to connect, support and represent three million LGBTQ parents and their six million children.  Family Equality Council is a community of parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren that reaches across the country.

Fittingly, the list Family Equality Council has compiled for their collection features films and TV shows representing or referring to relationships between a child and an LGBTQ-identified parent. These titles tell the heart-warming stories of many challenges and opportunities faced by the LGBTQ community – from families to individuals and parents. They include inspiring stories of coming out, starting a family and confronting bias, to name just a few.

In addition to their list, Family Equality Council has also provided their perspective on what makes each title compelling to them. Check that out below and then be sure to view the full collection in-home on your X1 or by using Xfinity Stream.


Image Credit: Universal

FEC: “This movie shows a father and son’s bond strengthening after the father comes out of the closet at the age of 75.”


Grey’s Anatomy

Image Credit: ABC

FEC: “This show has featured the journey of a bisexual woman and her female partner conceiving and raising a child, as well as navigating divorce and child custody issues.”


Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric

Image Credit: Nat Geo

FEC: “This documentary explores gender identity through the eyes of adults, youth, and children who identify as gender non-conforming or transgender.”


The Fosters

Image Credit: Freeform

FEC: “The Fosters does a wonderful job of highlighting a two-mom blended family with a combination of biological/foster/and step-children.”


Grace and Frankie

Image Credit: Netflix

FEC: “This show tells the tale of two families who are forever connected when their fathers divorce their mothers to marry each other.”



Image Credit: Sony

FEC: “‘Transparent’ follows a parent who comes out to her children as transgender, and the journey the family goes through to reconceptualize their father as their mother.”


Will & Grace

Image Credit: NBC

FEC: “In the re-launch of this comedy, one of the main gay male characters learns he has a grandson who is also gay. The conversation that ensues when the grandson is sent to conversion therapy is heartwarming.”


Modern Family

Image Credit: ABC

FEC: “A wonderful, mainstream comedy that regularly highlights the trials and tribulations of parenting from multiple perspectives, including that of a two-dad family.”


Madam Secretary

Image Credit: CBS

FEC: “‘Madam Secretary,’ in one poignant and brave episode, tackled gender identity, bisexuality, co-parenting, and LGBTQ-headed families when one of their lead characters came out on the show. “


Steven Universe

Image Credit: Cartoon Network

FEC: “This cartoon features a well-rounded same-sex couple, highlighting their love and their occasional arguing. It serves to help normalize all kinds of relationships for children.”


The Loud House

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

FEC: “‘The Loud House’ features amazing diversity for a cartoon, as well as a pair of gay Uncles!”


Doc McStuffins

Image Credit: Disney Junior

FEC: “‘Doc McStuffins’ features strong female leads, parents who don’t subscribe to typical gender roles, and more racial diversity than most early childhood cartoons.”


Gayby Baby

Image Credit: Netflix

FEC: “This documentary about the experiences of children of LGBTQ parents is told from the perspective of the kids.”


From this Day Forward

Image Credit: Netflix

FEC: “A documentary from an adult child’s perspective of having a father who came out as transgender when his daughter was in middle school.”



Image Credit: ABC

FEC: “Who doesn’t love Ellen?! She’s hysterical, empathetic, and normalizing for our community.”


This Is Us

Image Credit: NBC

FEC: “This emotional show depicts the challenges associated with coming to terms with a father’s sexuality when he comes out later in life. “

Check out these and other great titles in the LGBTQ Film & TV collection on Xfinity. Simply say “LGBTQ” or “Pride” into your X1 Voice Remote. You can also text search with the term “LGBTQ” on your set top box or in the Stream App to browse the collection.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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