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Watch the first 3 episodes of any FX series, ad-free. Just say “FX Plus” into your X1 Voice Remote. Or, find FX+ under Networks on Xfinity Stream.

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Over 1,400 FX Original episodes. Early access to new episodes, and ad-free the same time they air live. Plus, full seasons and exclusive extras. All with Xfinity On Demand, and on the go with the Xfinity Stream app or FXNOW app.

TV showing voice remote options for Fx Plus

Ways to Watch

Ways to Watch

Just say "FX+"

Say It to See It

It’s quick and easy to access all the ad-free entertainment on FX+. Simply say “FX+” into your X1 Voice Remote to enjoy the best of FX perfectly uninterrupted.
TV showing HD Options

Ways to Watch

Ways to Watch

Select "FX+ Ad-Free"

Choose Ad-Free

Trying to catch up on your favorite FX show? Look for “FX+” under Watch Options to binge it without commercials. And let the ultimate viewing experience begin.
TV showing Apps on the X1 Platform

Ways to Watch

Ways to Watch

Simply press "Xfinity"

Use the Menu

Use your remote to access our easy-to-use menu on Xfinity X1. Then just select On Demand, and look for FX+ under the Premium row in the Networks tab.
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