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December 05, 2019

Xfinity Hangouts: Introducing Editor Scott

editor scott

Introducing Xfinity Hangouts editor Scott — God of Glitter, Gaming and Good Times. A trendsetter who elevates the ordinary, Scott likes to present unexpected sides of himself and encourage others to do the same, embracing the unique qualities that set him apart from the rest. His skills on the dodgeball court are matched only by his dramatic flair behind the bar. Here’s a palate cleanser to learn more about Scott:

My Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show…

I have a soft spot for early 2000s reality – back when it felt like this particular genre was at its trashiest least-manicured and they let these people do just about anything. I’m talking “The Simple Life,” “Charm School,” “I Love Money,” and “Scream Queens” – the version where amateur actresses battle it out for a role in the “Saw” franchise. Not to be mistaken with the Ryan Murphy version which is equally camp-tastic!

My Favorite Curation on X1…

I’m low key obsessed with the Queer Horror collection I built. I love horror movies despite the fact that horror films historically haven’t been very kind to LGBTQ people. Thankfully, the canon of queer horror titles has been slowly building over the past several decades, with recent indie films and series like “American Horror Story” prioritizing inclusion and twisting some of the character tropes followed strictly in more mainstream movies. This collection wraps all of those titles up nicely in one glittery, blood-red bow.

If I Didn’t Do This, My Job Would Be…

Discovering and sharing new music is really exciting to me. Watching my friends whip out their phones to Shazam some obscure song I’m playing is immensely gratifying. For that reason, I think I could definitely see myself in the role of an A&R person or fall back into DJ’ing again.

My Deserted Island Movie, TV Show and Videogame Are…

Movie-wise, I would definitely choose “The Neverending Story,” if for no other reason than as a reminder of the power of imagination. I’m a really social person, so I could use the inspiration to help craft some fantastic fictional characters to be my island buddies.

The TV show I’d bring would be “American Dad.” I’ve watched every episode of this show several times over and it never ceases to make me laugh.

In terms of videogames, I would probably take “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” with me. I mean, running around ancient Greece as a fierce, pansexual assassin is basically fulfilling a lifelong dream for me. Plus, the game is properly huge! It took me the better part of a year to finish the main storyline and they continue to keep pumping out DLC.

If I Could Join Any TV Cast, It Would Be…

This may be a controversial choice given the danger that comes with living on the Hellmouth, but I would join the cast of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I’d like to think the Scooby Gang would take me in and I’d become the first male slayer (predating Billy in Season 9 of the comics, of course). Fighting off hordes of vampires and demons is good cardio. Plus, I would totally kill it in the musical episode.

Learn more about Scott—and watch his Xfinity Hangout episodes—by saying, “Hang out with Scott” into your X1 voice remote.

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