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December 05, 2019

Xfinity Hangouts: Introducing Editor David

editor david

Introducing Xfinity Hangouts editor David—A self-described indoor kid growing up, David’s love of pop culture has helped him learn a little bit about a whole lot of random stuff, from commercial jingles to professional wrestling to vintage action figures. Above all, David has always had a passion for TV, movies, music, theater and entertainment, which lends itself to David’s casual and nostalgic, but well-informed and intelligent interviews with your favorite celebrities. Get to know more about David:

My Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show…

The most embarrassing of my recent guilty pleasure shows was Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on MTV. Train-wreck TV at its finest. Lindsay “rescued” a lobster that was already dead. It was amazing. I also enjoy a variety of pro-wrestling shows, “Survivor” (two decades strong!) and “Yellowstone,” which could be embarrassing admissions depending on who’s doing the judging. No shame here!

My Favorite Curation on X1…

I built a pair of collections called “Eighties Stuff” and “Nineties Stuff,” which allowed me to curate all my favorite throwback movies, shows, songs, commercials and more for all my fellow nostalgia nerds out there. If you love Alf and Urkel, you’ll love these collections. Just say “Eighties Stuff” or “Nineties Stuff” into your X1 voice remote.

My Favorite Celebrity Interview So Far…

I’ve interviewed nearly 1,000 different stars over the course of my career, and the nicest people I’ve ever interviewed were Tom Hanks, Henry Winkler, Steve Carrell, Julie Andrews, Jane Goodall, Mark Hamill, Julianne Moore, Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ethan Hawke, Gal Gadot, Mandy Moore, Zendaya, Evan Rachel Wood, Josh Dallas, Terry Crews, Betsy Brandt, Giancarlo Esposito, Alicia Silverstone, Danny Pino and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

However, the three greatest interview moments of my career were asking Leonardo DiCaprio a question at the 2016 Oscars after he finally won the award for Best Actor, singing the “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” theme song with Lin-Manuel Miranda in my first Xfinity Hangouts episode, and singing the “Hey Dude” theme song with Anne Hathaway in my second Xfinity Hangouts episode.

The Celebrity I’m Dying to Interview Next…

Kate Winslet. I’ve had my moment with Jack Dawson (of the Chippewa Falls Dawsons). Now I need to interview Rose DeWitt Bukater.

If I Didn’t Do This, My Job Would Be…

I took nearly a year off college to intern and work at Walt Disney World. I drove trams in the Magic Kingdom parking lot and helped direct guest cars into parking spaces. I almost left college (with the intention of eventually returning) to stay at WDW. I’m glad I didn’t, but I’m still a huge Disney nerd and would probably be selling Toluca Turkey Legs in Frontierland if this career didn’t work out.

My Deserted Island Movie, TV Show and Song Are…

“A Goofy Movie,” “The Simpsons” and “Still Into You” by Paramore. If I’m stuck on an island, I’ll need all the cheering up I can get.

If I Could Join Any TV Cast, It Would Be…

“The Office.” I’d be one of the guys on the documentary crew, so I could spend all day with Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, not Andy, Phyllis, Kelly, Ryan, Oscar, not Toby, Creed, Daryl, Angela, Meredith and Kevin, but not have to work at Dunder Mifflin.

Learn more about David—and watch his Xfinity Hangout episodes—by saying, “Hang out with David” into your X1 voice remote.

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