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December 05, 2019

Xfinity Hangouts: Introducing TV & Lifestyle Editor Audrey

Xfinity TV & Lifestyle Editor Audrey

Introducing Xfinity Hangouts editor Audrey— Audrey is way out of her comfort zone when it comes to chatting with celebrities, but couldn’t be more excited about it! She’s much more interested in their fears and favorite things than their shows’ plots and character development. She’s so looking forward to breaking down the invisible barrier between stars and their biggest fans by hanging out with them just like she would her actual friends.

A little bit about Audrey…

My Guilty Pleasure Show Is…

Any and every iteration of the “90 Day Fiance” franchise. From “The Other Way” to “Pillow Talk,” I just can’t seem to pull myself away from these couples throwing caution to the wind in the name of reality TV romance. Can I get a slow clap for TLC?

My Favorite Celebrity Interview So Far…

Never did I ever think Sunny Hostin (of ‘The View’ fame) and I would have something in common, but after talking to her just a few minutes we found ourselves swapping home renovation stories and holiday recipes.

The Celebrity I’m Dying to Interview Next…

If you haven’t heard about my slight infatuation with Dax Shepard, you will. No, not the goofball you remember from Punk’d or Without a Paddle. I’m talking about current-day Dax. Honest, sharp and sweet. His podcast, Armchair Expert, is just so delightful. He pulls the most interesting nuggets of information out of his guests and if I can work even a fraction of his magic, I’d be thrilled.

If I Didn’t Do This, My Job Would Be…

Decorating homes for people who can’t quite figure out how to make the space they live in look and feel just like them. When I’m not watching hours or TV on end, you can find me hanging new artwork, moving rugs from room to room and debating whether or not the shade of green paint in the dining room is a little too dark or just right.

My Deserted Island Movie, TV Show and Song…

Movie: Edward Scissorhands

TV Show: "Jeopardy"

Song: “In an Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel

If I Could Join Any TV Cast, It Would Be…

Seinfeld. No explanation needed.

Learn more about Audrey – and watch her episodes by saying “Hang Out with Audrey” into your X1 voice remote.

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