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January 11, 2019

Using the X1 Remote to Interact with 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'


As some of you may have heard, there’s a new era of film and TV on the horizon. Netflix’s iconic series Black Mirror is known for pushing the envelope with frightening, futuristic plots and dark subject matter, but they’ve truly outdone themselves this time.

Black Mirror has recently released the first companion film to its series (streaming exclusively on Netflix, which you can access with Xfinity X1), and it’s certainly one-of-a-kind. Learn more, then experience this interactive thriller for yourself.

'Bandersnatch' – what is it?

The highly-anticipated Black Mirror film, titled Bandersnatch, is an interactive television experience. That’s right – you literally get to choose how the story ends. Much like a “choose your own adventure” style video game, Bandersnatch asks viewers to decide what actions the characters take during the films’ pivotal scenes.

This, of course, effects every twist and turn along the film’s plotline and can land viewers with up to, get this, five possible endings. Not just one ending or another, but five unique endings with different possibilities and outcomes in each. Now that’s something all Netflix users can get excited about.

Even more interesting, no matter what ending you get in Bandersnatch, you can explore multiple avenues along the way. With a ridiculous amount of decision combinations leading to each ending, you could watch this film over and over again and never see it the same way twice.

Can I use my Xfinity X1 remote to watch 'Bandersnatch'?

Unlike some films with simply “alternate” endings, Bandersnatch is truly interactive. With decisions built in to the story from the beginning (and never being more than a few scenes apart), the outcome of the film is entirely dependent on the viewer’s decisions.

So, how exactly do you make those decisions? When using your X1 Remote, it’s easy:

  • Toggle between the storyline options that appear on-screen throughout the film using the left and right direction buttons on your X1 remote.
  • Highlight the option you’d like to choose, then select that option using the “OK” key in the center of the direction buttons.
  • Watch the story play out based on your decision, until you’re asked to make another.

It’s easier than ever to experience a fun, all-new interactive experience with Netflix and X1. Check out Bandersnatch, and see what thrilling adventure you end up with.

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