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December 11, 2019

Did You Know These Iconic TV Characters Were from These US Cities?

Sheldon Cooper Sips Coffee

You may know that the Friends cast come from different boroughs of The Big Apple, but do you know which iconic TV characters hail these US cities? From Galveston, Texas to Washington, D.C. and beyond, these iconic characters all come from cities you might have not have thought before. Learn more and tune in to all the shows mentioned below with Xfinity X1.

  • Galveston, TX: CBS’ The Big Bang Theory was an instant classic upon first airing in 2007, but did you know that not all the central characters come from New York City? In fact, it’s pointed to more than once throughout the series (and now the subsequent spin-off series, Young Sheldon) that Sheldon Cooper originally hails from Galveston, Texas! This makes his accent make a little more sense (of course) and provides some hilarious childhood memories which Sheldon occasionally recalls throughout the series.

  • Scranton, PA: This one is a little more obvious, but it’s often pointed out that many of the central characters featured on The Office grew up outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania (where the show takes place). Michael Scott, however, is quick to assure viewers that he was born and raised in good ole’ Scranton, making him an iconic hometown hero (of sorts). Michael’s childhood is referenced throughout the show, making for many hilariously awkward moments between himself and his reluctant office mates.

  • Monterey, CA: Although the focus of HBO®’s Big Little Lies often revolves around murder, mystery, and drama, the beautiful backdrop of such a powerful story cannot be ignored. Madeline Mackenzie and her friends (and foes) all reside in Monterey, California, a seaside city making for a picturesque setting amidst the already engaging story.

  • Jenkintown, PA: On ABC’s The Goldbergs, it’s occasionally referenced that the Goldberg family live in Jenkintown, PA. This one hits close to home for us at Xfinity (which is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA), seeing as it’s a Philly suburb and the hometown of renowned actor/director Bradley Cooper!

  • Boston, MA: Calling all Red Sox fans—you’re going to like this one. Although Netflix’s comedic hit BoJack Horseman takes place in sunny LA, not all the characters call LA “home”. Diane Nguyen, for example, comes from Boston, Massachusetts. In fact, the entire fifth episode of season one revolves around this particular backstory/plot point, introducing Diane’s family as a group of die-hard Red Sox fans.

  • Sattle, WA: Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty might cross dimensions from time to time, but did you know where the Smith family reside on a day-to-day basis? According to show creator Justin Roiland on Twitter, the Smiths take up residence in a suburb right outside of Seattle, Washington (when they’re not traveling through time and space, of course).

  • Portland, OR: Another more obvious choice, the colorful characters featured in IFC’s Portlandia hail from many different neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. From Candace and Toni’s “feminist bookstore” to the rats’ hole in the wall, the show features many hip and happening Portland neighborhoods.

  • Washington, D.C.: For fans of high-stakes political drama, ABC’s Scandal follows main character Olivia Pope all around Washington, D.C. as she confronts the past and learns the truth about herself and her upbringing. One thing fans do know, however, is that Pope is a longtime D.C. resident, having lived and work there for some time (as is evidenced by her reputation throughout the series).

  • Atlanta, GA: FX’s Atlanta is another dead-ringer when it comes to location being mentioned in the show title, but main character Earnest “Ern” Marks is a true Atlanta, Georgia native. From working in a kiosk at the Atlanta airport to managing his estranged cousin Alfred in the burgeoning Atlanta hip-hop scene, Ern sees many corners of the iconic southern city.

  • Chicago, IL: Last but not least, this dysfunctional family hails from a city nearly as iconic as their patriarch, Frank— SHOWTIME®’s Shameless (U.S.) focuses on the Gallagher family, who come from the wonderfully windy Chicago, Illinois. The family’s mishaps take them all throughout the city (and sometimes beyond), but they’re true Chicago natives, to be sure.

Wherever you’re from, these shows are sure to make you laugh, cry, or possibly feel some pride if you share a hometown with these characters. Just say any of these show titles into your Xfinity Voice Remote to start watching.

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