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October 05, 2018

Stream the Doctor Who Series 11 Premiere

doctor who series 11

It’s back! All the action. All the oddities. All the fun. But this time, prepare your mind for universe-altering changes. Because the eleventh pick-up of this long-running, ever-evolving epic — and thirty-seventh season overall — could very well rip the fabric of space and time itself! 

Whether you’re a diehard Whovian or you’re new to the British science fiction series, Doctor Who, you won’t want to miss the series 11 premiere. Catch it on BBC America this Sunday, October 7 at 1:45pm EST. Plus, Xfinity Internet customers, you can watch it free during the 2018 Xfinity Stream TV Week from October 5-12.

Doctor Who season 11 marks a turning point for the show, especially for all you mega-fans out there. What should you expect? Mayhem. Time travel. And yes, some new faces. With Chris Chibnall now at the helm — who brought us the masterful crime drama, Broadchurch — we’re awaiting a fresh take on this old favorite. In fact, the most shocking change was announced in July 2017, when actress Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch, Black Mirror) was revealed to be the first woman to play the iconic lead role of The Doctor — the mysterious space- and time-traveling alien who’s been saving the universe since 1963.

The debut adventure of the 13th Doctor promises to be more than just be another incarnation. We’re waiting for it to shatter preconceptions, and be a reimagining you won’t want to miss.

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Just don’t forget to stock up on The Doctor’s favorite snacks, like delicious Jammie Dodgers and Jelly Babies. Then grab your sonic screwdrivers, and get ready for new adventures in space and time with Doctor Who.

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