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Watch Your Favorite Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Series for Free with Xfinity TV


June 18, 2019

If you’re behind on SHOWTIME® hits like Billions, Shameless (U.S.), or Kidding and want to get caught up, you’re in luck. From June 27th – 30th, Xfinity TV customers can watch these hit Paramount+ with SHOWTIME series as well as current episodes of newcomers City on a Hill and The Loudest Voice for free On Demand, with or without a Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscription! Learn more, and catch up on the latest hit series and movies with Xfinity TV.

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME series you don’t want to miss— for free!

Have you been tuned in to the latest and greatest SHOWTIME hits? If not, no worries—we will give you the rundown below, and you can catch these series all weekend long from June 27th – 30th on Xfinity on Demand, including on X1 and the Xfinity Stream app!


Billions, starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, hit the air in 2016, solidifying itself as an instant success. This series follows the complex power-politics in the world of New York high finance, seeing its characters through shocking twists and dramatic turns throughout. You don’t want to miss this driven, dramatic thriller.

The Loudest Voice

Premiering June 30th, The Loudest Voice is a highly-anticipated drama starring Russel Crowe as Roger Ailes, and Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson. The series attempts to detail (and grapple with) the hard-hitting moments in media that led to the creation of the modern FOX News and the rise of Donald Trump, as well as the eventual fall-from-grace that led to the end of Ailes’ career.

City on a Hill

A fictional account of the “Boston Miracle”, this new series currently airing details the city’s criminal history of the early 90’s, and its eventual upending. Starring Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge, this series is not one to miss.

Tune in to free TV with Xfinity TV all summer long

If you’re ready to watch on June 27th, simply say “SHOWTIME” into your X1 Voice Remote and browse all of the free On Demand content available. Enjoy free Paramount+ with SHOWTIME TV series this June, and tune in to free TV all summer long with Xfinity TV.

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