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Use Your Voice to Enjoy Team USA at The Olympic Winter Games

Use your voice to enjoy Team USA at The Olympic Winter Games

This February, the world’s best athletes will be gathering in PyeongChang, South Korea, to compete for gold at the Olympic Winter Games 2018. Don’t have a ticket to attend? Haven’t been invited to represent your country? Catch all the action with Xfinity X1, so you’ll never feel like you’re stuck on the bench.

Whether you’re on your phone or tablet using the Xfinity Stream app, or enjoying sports on X1 from a TV, you’ll get around-the-clock coverage on Team USA. Only X1 keeps you up-to-date on medal counts, event schedules, highlight videos, and so much more… all winter long.

Speak up. Cheer loudly for your favorite team.

In addition to our apps, you can use the power of your voice and the X1 Voice Remote to search across events by pressing the microphone button and speaking your instructions aloud. Did you know there are over 1,500 Olympic-specific voice commands? We went for the gold.

Here are the most common commands that you should know about this February:

Voice Command


“Olympics” or “Pyeongchang Games”

Navigates to Olympics home screen on X1.

“What sports are competing today?”

Navigates to Olympics Daily Summary screen.

“Bobsleigh results”

View in-depth result screen for a specific event.

“Show me curling.”

Displays summary card for your desired sport.

“Italy figure skating.”

Shows sport summary by country.

“Show me medals.”

Opens the complete medal count by country.

“When is ski jumping?”

View upcoming events and results by sport.

“What’s the Biathlon record?”

Displays Olympic records & current leaders.

“Jamie Anderson Snowboarding”

View athlete summary & individual medal account.

“Watch opening ceremony.”

View the opening ceremony.

“Snowboarding medals.”

View the medal count for a specific event.


Opens sports on X1.

“Who is Hilary Knight?”

Learn about an Olympic athlete.

“USA Ice Hockey score”

Shows the summary for your desired team/sport.

“Tune to Gold Zone”

Views NBC Gold Zone channel (live Olympic action.) 

  • Quick Tip: You can compare country medal counts with voice commands, such as “Canada vs. Mexico.”
  • Quick Tip: Ask your remote, “Is <Country-Name-Here> competing today?” so you don’t miss your favorite team(s) live in action.
  • Bonus Easter Egg: For starters, try saying, “Put the biscuit in the oven,” “Show me bird people,” or “YouTube cats on ice.”

Enjoying the interactive capabilities of your Voice Remote could be the difference between seeing or missing a McTwist [snowboarding] or a quadruple lutz [figure skating] in real-time. With Xfinity X1 and our Voice Remote, you can watch what you want when you want, while warm at home with family and friends [plus pets, too!]

Happy viewing!

Olympics on Xfinity X1


Xfinity X1 is an intuitive, easy viewing experience that integrates all your favorite entertainment — from live coverage of PyeongChang to On Demand highlights — all in one place.

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