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September 12, 2018

'The Voice' Season 15 Premiere - 5 Highlights from Past Seasons

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The Voice returns for season 15 with coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on Monday, September 24, on NBC. This season of the four-time Emmy Award-winning hit musical competition series marks the first time superstars Kelly Clark and Jennifer Hudson will share a stage.

The Voice will also debut its first-ever, 10-part “Comeback Stage” companion series with chart-topping country music star Kelsea Ballerini serving as the companion series’ “fifth coach” and mentor to six “comeback” artists. The companion series will be available on YouTube, The Voice Official App, Instagram TV, Facebook and

Expect even more memorable performances.

When it first premiered in 2011, The Voice quickly revolutionized the way we thought about talent competitions. Gone were the days when singers with enormous talent were turned away because they weren’t marketable or didn’t look like stars.

This show introduced a blind audition system. The Voice judges can hear but not see the singers auditioning. The singer has to wow them on vocal talent alone, and the judges choose to turn around as soon as the performance grabs their attention.

The Voice has skyrocketed many unexpected talents to stardom, and viewers have gotten to witness and vote for some truly enchanting performances. Here are five of our favorite highlights from over the years:

  1. Matthew Schuler, “Hallelujah” (Season 5)
    Countless musicians have given us their take on this heartfelt epic penned by the late Leonard Cohen. It takes more than just pitch and accuracy to make one cover of it stand out amongst the crowd.

    Matthew Schuler rose to the top with this tender rendition. With a voice at once strong and delicate, he brought every emotion to the table. Full of crescendos and flawless vocal embellishments, Schuler touched our hearts and did justice to a beloved ballad.

  2. Christina Grimmie, “Wrecking Ball” (Season 6)
    The late Christina Grimmie was a powerhouse. Her season 6 blind audition is proof positive.

    Grimmie owned the stage as she belted out Miley Cyrus’ smash hit “Wrecking Ball.” Her performance was more nuanced and impassioned than anyone could have predicted, and the judges were rightly impressed. Grimmie’s passion for music and kindness quickly won the hearts of viewers all over the world.

  3. Kimberly Nichole, “Creep” (Season 8)
    Kimberly Nichole broke the mold. A master of covering both mainstream and alternative songs, Nichole put her own personal touch into every performance.

    Although she was eliminated the following week, her candlelit performance of Radiohead’s somewhat sinister hit “Creep” made audiences really pay attention. With her booming, soulful voice set against strings and the delicate strains of a music box, Nichole brought new life to a beloved song. There’s no doubt about it: Kimberly Nichole has a voice that demands you to listen.

  4. Jordan Smith, “Chandelier” (Season 9)
    It was clear from Jordan Smith’s blind audition that he was one to beat. More important, he personified everything that The Voice was about.

    When he walked out onto the stage in his very modest cardigan and plaid shirt, his bright, powerful tenor was the last thing anyone expected. One by one, his voice enticed the judges to turn their chairs, and their surprise was evident.

    Smith’s cover of Sia’s “Chandelier” is every bit as breathtaking and electric as the original. His tour de force audition signaled the start of a series of memorable performances, eventually going on to win the season 9 finale of The Voice.

  5. Wé McDonald, “Feelin’ Good” (Season 11)
    With the rich, warm depth of her voice, viewers could tell Wé McDonald was going places. Her mellifluous, soulful take on Nina Simone’s classic “Feelin’ Good” during her blind audition left both viewers and judges alike breathless.

    At 17, McDonald exudes confidence and power well beyond her years. By contrast, it was her delicate, diminutive speaking voice that most stunned the judges. Her talent only grew as the weeks progressed, and audiences came to love her powerful performances and effervescent personality.

How to vote on The Voice

During semifinal live performances later this fall, it’s up to viewers to vote for their favorite performers. The Voice voting happens in a number of ways:

Don’t miss the exciting blind auditions when The Voice returns, Monday, September 24, on NBC. Episodes will be available the next day on Xfinity On Demand and the Xfinity Stream app.

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