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August 28, 2018

4 Theme Ideas for An On Demand Labor Day Movie Binge

on demand movie binge

Say goodbye to sticky theater seats and annoying strangers—with movies on demand, you can enjoy hit titles like Guardians of the Galaxy II, Baby Driver, and Wonder Woman, all from the comfort of your own home this Labor Day weekend.

After the big cookouts, it might be a great time to get a movie binge on. Need a little inspiration on what to watch? Create a movie theme night to enjoy this year’s best movies on demand with friends and family (you know, in case you need justification for your binge-watching this Labor Day).

Pick a Theme, Any Theme
Here are some ideas to help you plan a memorable movie theme night. Just add some snacks (or maybe some Labor Day barbeque leftovers!) and a few blankets.

  1. Marvel Movie Bingeing
    Start off the night with Spiderman: Homecoming and watch Peter Parker go head-to-head with The Vulture and his minions to protect New York City. Keep your Marvel-thon going with Guardians of the Galaxy II, where Peter Quill, Gamora, and Drax find themselves on the home planet of Quill’s father, Ego, as Rocket and Groot race to repair their crash-landed ship and protect the Nebula from the Sovereign race.

    Wrap up the evening with the action-packed, mega-blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War and sit tight as you watch Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, The Hulk, and the rest of the Avengers battle to stop Thanos from wiping out half the universe. Comic book fans rejoice: all these movies are available with Xfinity On Demand.

  2. The Sci-Fi Binge of This Century (and the Next)
    When it comes to science fiction movies, your choices are nearly limitless. Horror films often masquerade as science fiction, but true science fiction devotees know it’s not all about fear. In recent years we’ve seen storylines and films that are a bit more wholesome — or at least somewhat less terrifying.

    Start out with Blade Runner and follow along as Rick Deckard, aka Blade Runner, is enlisted to track down and kill four bioengineered beings, known as replicants, that are on Earth illegally. The original has a more muted color palette, but the storyline is well worth it.

    Follow it up with the long-awaited sequel, Blade Runner 2049, which follows the story of K, a blade-runner replicant who is ordered to find and kill a rogue replicant to hide a truth that is capable of starting a war between humans and her species. Hailed as one of the most gorgeous films of 2017, you won’t go wrong with the brilliant colors and Ryan Gosling’s spot-on acting.

  3. RomCom-a-Thon
    What’s better than settling in for an evening (or weekend) of heart-warming love stories with a healthy dose of comedy mixed in? From classics to newer flicks, this genre of movies will never go out of style.

    Start your marathon movie session off with one of the best-known and most-loved romantic comedies to date: Pretty Woman. High-powered businessman Edward Lewis finds himself in Hollywood’s red-light district after leaving a party in his lawyer’s sports car. He takes up prostitute Vivian Ward’s offer to guide him back to his hotel, where they separate, and she waits at a bus stop to head back to her part of town. Lewis tracks her down and hires her as his escort for the weekend—and what follows is a love story that has been making hearts swoon for decades.

    Once you have this oldie-but-goodie under your belt, switch gears and settle in for a newcomer that hit the scene in 2017: The Big Sick. Based on true events, this modern love story finds Pakistani comedian Kumail in an on-going relationship with a white woman named Emily. Kumail keeps his relationship a secret from his Muslim parents, who see an arranged marriage to a Pakistani woman as his only future. When Emily gets critically sick, Kumail is forced to bond with her parents and face his own family issues, as he grapples with true love and his family’s strict beliefs.

  4. Horror Night
    This movie binge has so many titles it could extend well into the next day. But that may be a good thing, since some of these films will make it hard to fall asleep at all. Start the night off with a classic horror flick that packs plenty of laughs and is an excellent introduction to the genre: Creature from the Black Lagoon. When a geology expedition to the Amazon uncovers a fossil that provides a direct link between land and sea animals, the team of scientists is intrigued and more than a little excited. But their excitement soon turns to horror when a living being of the species, known as a piscine amphibious humanoid, attacks and kills two members of their team.

    Then you can up the ante a bit with The Amityville Horror. This chilling story, supposedly based on real events, tells the tale of a family who moves to Amityville and the demonic presence that inhabits their new home. Even though the film came out in 1979, it’s still keeping audiences on the edge of their seat almost 40 years later.

    After The Amityville Horror, move to modern times with Get Out. Written by comedian Jordan Peele, Get Out will have you laughing one minute and shaking in fear the next. In it, African-American Chris Washington is brought to the family estate of his white girlfriend, Rose. He soon realizes the real (and gruesome) reason Rose has brought him to meet her family—to transplant the brain of a white person into his body. Get Out won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 2017, and for good reason: it touches on serious issues but still induces a bone-deep scare.

Find the Films You Enjoy on Demand
If you're still looking for movies to binge, take advantage of the SHOWTIME free preview this Labor Day weekend! From Friday, August 31, through Monday, September 3, 2018, all Xfinity customers will have full access to SHOWTIME On Demand. That includes SHOWTIME original TV series, documentaries, and movies.

With Xfinity On Demand, your movie library just got much bigger. It’s not just movies either; use On Demand to find the best binge-worthy tv shows too. Browse through Xfinity’s On-Demand service for easy access to your favorite titles, hot new releases, and old classics.

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