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January 21, 2020

Staying Ahead of the TV Curve: 10 Stars to Watch in 2020

10 Stars to Watch in 2020 Destination on X1

A brand-new year means new TV is on its way, which in turn means there will be plenty of new pop-culture sensations to keep an eye on. Stay ahead of the curve this year and check out our Xfinity TV editors’ “10 Stars to Watch in 2020” destination on X1!

10 Stars to Watch in 2020: a brand-new destination on X1

Wondering what’s next for Crazy Rich Asians’ Awkwafina since becoming an award-winning actor? Maybe you’re curious to see what Jane Levy has been up to since Evil Dead? Or what about Himesh Patel, the break-out star from 2019’s Beatles’ flick Yesterday? Now you can find out what these stars (and eight more) will be up to in 2020, including the new TV series they’ll be starring in this year.

The destination will feature 10 break-out stars making big moves in 2020, featuring sneak-peeks of their upcoming TV series, the top titles they’re best known for thus far, and more! X1 customers can check out the full list by saying “10 Stars to Watch” into their Xfinity Voice Remote. Tune in and keep an eye on the rising stars of 2020 with Xfinity.

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