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December 12, 2017

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

Holiday Tips and Tricks

This holiday season, keep your guests connected and entertained to everything they love with Xfinity. Traveling for the holidays? Enjoy your favorite entertainment on the go, no matter where the holiday season takes you. Read on to learn more about how to get your home holiday ready. 

Prepare for Internet-savvy guests 

Have a few guests coming over for the holidays? Before they arrive, customize your Xfinity WiFi name and password to something easy to remember, funny, or clever. This way, your guests can easily sign in to Xfinity from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. All you have to do is sign in to My Account to get started personalizing your in-home WiFi network name and password.

If you’re expecting a lot of guests for the holidays, you may want to keep them connected to the Xfinity WiFi hotspot in your home. It’s another easy-to-use option provided—at no additional cost—by America’s best Internet service provider.[1] So how exactly does the xfinity wifi hotspot work? Well, your Xfinity Wireless Gateway broadcasts a network signal right in your home that any existing Xfinity Internet customer can use. All they have to do is sign in with their own Xfinity username or password to get connected. This Xfinity WiFi feature is completely separate from your own secure home WiFi network and doesn’t take much time to enable and set up.

Worry about one less thing this season

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is missing a bill or forgetting a payment. With automatic payments, you can set up recurring payments charged to your checking account, savings account, credit card, or debit card. Then, your full monthly balance will be automatically charged to your preferred payment method on your monthly bill due date. Learn how to enroll in or manage monthly automatic payments. 

EcoBill paperless billing is another great timesaver we recommend for the holiday season. It’s an ecofriendly billing option that allows you to view and pay your bill online. We’ll email a link to view your bill online, so you can save a stamp the next time you pay your monthly bill. Go green with EcoBill paperless billing today, so you can focus your attention on something else, like tomorrow’s holiday travel plans. Interested in more billing tips and tricks, or need some help? Check this out.

Speaking of holiday plans, what happens if you have a technician visit scheduled for a time that’s no longer convenient? Manage, reschedule, or cancel your appointment from the My Account app or by signing in to My Account online. Here at Xfinity, we’re committed to delivering the best experience possible, which is why we offer two-hour appointment windows and 24/7 support, no matter the season.

Want to watch the big game, see what’s on live TV, play music through the TV, or screen a classic holiday movie for your guests? Keep your holiday traditions going strong with Xfinity X1, a one-of-a-kind, interactive TV experience available exclusively to Xfinity TV customers. It's personalized, dynamic, fun, and easy to troubleshoot. So, if you’re having any trouble at all, just use the X1 Help Menu and get back to enjoying every moment of the holidays. Pro tip: Remember when we told you how to set up a unique WiFi network name and password? You can also do this right from your TV with the X1 Help Menu.

Keep your guests entertained

Your holiday guests will love all the entertainment options available with Xfinity X1, the ultimate TV experience. With X1, you can discover new favorites with recommendations based on what you’re already watching or even what’s trending on Twitter. Keep everyone happy and entertained with the popular Smart Search feature that lets you search live TV, On Demand, and your DVR library for a specific actor, genre, or title that you’re looking for. You can even filter your X1 Guide by your favorite channels.

Never miss a moment of the action on X1 or online by checking for service outages in your area. Have a look at local weather and storm information to better prepare for your holiday hosting or holiday travel plans.

Stay connected if you’ll be traveling after all

Holiday shopping on the go can be a piece of cake (or pie) if you have access to wireless Internet all around town. With Xfinity WiFi, you’ll be able to update your gift list from anywhere and can purchase thoughtful gifts online when it’s most convenient for you. Enjoy access to millions of hotspots nationwide with Xfinity WiFi, included at no additional cost with your Xfinity Internet service.

Are you using the Xfinity Stream app yet? Turn every device into a TV screen and watch your favorite shows anywhere with our best streaming experience ever. Learn more about Stream and how to download top shows and stream your favorite channels when you’re traveling during the holiday season.

There you have it. The holidays are fast approaching, but now you’re up to speed on the latest features, apps, troubleshooting tools, and reliable services from Xfinity. Now you can spend more time hosting or traveling, less time troubleshooting, and have a great time with all your guests.

[1] Best Internet service provider: Based on download speeds measured by 60 million tests taken by consumers at

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