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September 20, 2019

7 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Prepare for the Fall Season

Preparing for Fall with Your Smart Home

Cooler weather, cozy clothes, football, apple picking, and pumpkin spice lattes — whatever your fall passions may be, they probably don’t include worrying about your home. The good news is that your smart home can take some of that worry away by automating tasks and alerting you to problems in advance. Consider these seven ways you can utilize your smart home to prepare for fall.

1. Adjusting to shorter days

One of the least fun aspects of fall is arriving home when it’s already dark as it poses increased safety risks. Adjust your exterior smart lights to automatically turn on at an earlier time, based on when you typically arrive home from work. Alternatively, you can schedule them using a service like IFTTT to turn on at dusk, and they’ll adjust accordingly throughout the year.

2. Leaf-related leaks

Falling leaves are pretty, but they can make a mess. Clogged gutters, in particular, can lead to leaks that may go undetected. Smart water sensors are an easy addition to your home security system. Place one in any area where you’re concerned about leaks. If the water sensor detects moisture, you’ll receive an alert. The best part is that they are sensitive enough that you can often catch a problem before it becomes serious.

3. Holiday visitors

Fall leads us into the holiday season when many of us have more visiting family members and friends. Assign a unique code for guests to open your smart locks while they are visiting and then delete it when the trip is over. This feature is equally helpful with cleaning staff, dog walkers, and contractors who need ongoing access to your home.

4. Keeping an eye on security

Another challenge with shorter days is the increased timeframe for burglars to access your home in the dark. Your smart home security cameras provide remote access for you to keep an eye on your property in real time. Using your outdoor home security cameras is also helpful for checking to see if your landscapers have arrived or if a package has been delivered. And if your camera has continuous video recording, you can go back and review clips that might be helpful to share with the authorities.

5. Watering needs with changing weather

Shorter and cooler days mean changing watering needs for your landscaping, but there is no need to invest in an expensive smart irrigation system. Plug your current system into a smart outlet and trigger it based on the weather report. Rainy or cloudy day? Leave it off. Sunny and hot? Turn it on from anywhere. You can also turn the outlet on and off manually via your home security hub.

6. Climate control concerns

As the daily temperatures begin to drop, you may prefer open windows to air conditioning. Avoid the hassle of manually adjusting climate controls by utilizing your window and door sensors. If your home security system senses open windows and doors, it can trigger your smart climate controls to temporarily disengage or adjust. Once they are closed, your system can return to its normal state.

7. Embrace the season

Smart light bulbs are useful in several ways, but if your bulbs have a color-changing option, they can be fun, too. For example, changing your bulbs to a dark yellow or orange is a playful way to celebrate the fall season and get you into the Halloween or Thanksgiving mood.

Smart homes offer many practical applications as you prepare for the fall season. However you like to celebrate this time of year, put your smart home to work while you reap the benefits.

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