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April 04, 2019

How to Prevent Package Theft

Prevent Package Theft

The rise in Internet shopping means a rise in household package deliveries landing neatly on your doorstep. These packages are an exciting sight to come home to, but they’re also tempting to potential burglars. Here are some practical tools you can use to prevent packages from being stolen from your porch, plus a few tips on how to report stolen items if a theft occurs.

1. Keep a watchful eye with smart cameras

If you want to stay on top of your package deliveries, one of the best tools at your disposal are outdoor security cameras. Whether you use cameras alone or as part of a full security system like Xfinity Home, high-definition cameras allow you to keep a constant eye on high-traffic areas. With WiFi-enabled smart cameras you can monitor your doorstep from anywhere, anytime, whether you’re upstairs or halfway across town.

Most smart cameras feature motion-activated recording (and various sensitivity settings) that will send your phone an alert when someone’s on the walkway, driveway, or porch. These features are especially useful for keeping tabs on your deliveries and preventing stolen packages. Do you have something valuable due to arrive while you’re at work? A smart front-porch camera will send you a notification so you can make arrangements to bring it inside.

2. Use motion-activated lights and alarms

You may have considered using motion-activated lights and alerts inside your home, but these security features are great for your porch and driveway as well.

Whether you use motion-activated floodlights, or a few smart bulbs that light up when your WiFi camera detects motion, an unexpected light is an effective deterrent for thieves. Keeping your space illuminated will also help increase visibility to neighbors and passing cars, a key element in package theft prevention. Integrate these security devices with your security system, and you can set “rules” to have them work together. For example, when your door unlocks, it can trigger your lights to turn on.

3. Use smart home data to help retrieve stolen packages

With any potential crime, prevention is always the goal. Unfortunately, sometimes a determined thief still gets away with your package and you’re left wondering how to find lost items. Thankfully, your smart home and home security system can provide you with the evidence you need to report the situation to the authorities, or your neighborhood watch.

In the ideal scenario, your smart camera captures and records footage of the entire event as it occurred. At the very least, though, they can provide clues. Refer to the activity log on your motion sensor or smart doorbell to piece together the scene. Having the right data at your fingertips can be the fastest route to retrieving stolen property. Your chances of recovering stolen property are higher if you catch the act on video, and you can also use the footage for insurance claim purposes.

Don’t leave your porch unprotected. With a few smart upgrades, you can keep your front door on high alert and help every package make its way safely inside your home.