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Setting Up Parental Controls On Xfinity TV

Parental Controls on TV

Whether you have an Xfinity X1 device or not, Xfinity makes it easy to enable multiple parental controls on your television. With tools such as TV Content Locks, TV Rating Locks, Service Locks and more, you can monitor and control what content your child is allowed to access on TV even when you’re away.

Setting up parental controls on X1

Xfinity X1 customers have the power to control what their family watches with X1’s parental control features. With tools such as the PINs Manager and more, you can set up purchase and lock PINs, TV and movie locks, and even block certain networks from being accessible while your child watches TV. To find out how to do all this and more, check out our help and support article here.

For content that’s already kid friendly, HD customers can tune in to X1’s Kids Zone. Kids Zone is a feature of X1 that allows for safe watching for kids 12 and under. Parents can also review the “Common Sense Media” as well as “Parental Guide” scores for any content with an X1 entity page, as well as block certain movie ratings using X1 parental controls.

Setting up parental controls on a non-X1 device

If you don’t have an X1 device (and instead have something like a Set Top Box), don’t worry – you can still set up many of the parental control features mentioned above. For example, you can still restrict certain shows, networks and movies using lock PINs. You can also restrict certain Pay-Per-View and Xfinity OnDemand purchases on a set top box using a Purchase PIN, similar to X1.

Using a PIN allows you to restrict certain content by requiring a PIN to be entered when that content is viewed, purchased, and so on. These lock and purchase PINs will keep your child from viewing anything you don’t want them to without your permission. To learn more about setting up these PINs on a non-X1 device, visit our help and support section.

Setting up parental controls on Stream, and more

You can also set up parental controls on the Xfinity Stream portal via X1. Parental controls are not shared between devices, so you will need to set up parental controls on all of the devices your children use to stream content online. For more information on that, refer to our help and support article here.

Wondering how you can also set up parental controls on popular X1 integrations and apps? Check out our Help and Support articles on Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Kids, Amazon Prime Video, and more for more information about how to set up parental controls on these integrations when using X1.

Want to learn more about setting up X1 and other Xfinity TV parental controls? Visit our support section for more information, or chat with an agent today.