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How Xfinity Mobile Stacks Up


April 15, 2021

Everyone uses their phones for everything: Streaming, gaming, unsending the email you just sent to coworkers that ends with, “Thunks, everytone.”

Here’s the stone cold truth: There’s more competition than ever among the mobile service provider crowd.

Xfinity Mobile is a friendly group. But we’re also serious about giving you the most bang for your buck. So we’re showing you how we take the cake.


With all of that phone activity, everyone’s using more data than ever. Which means higher rates, right? Not any more!

Meet our new Xfinity Mobile Unlimited data option, designed with your data needs in mind.

Under our new Unlimited data option, the more lines you add, the more value you get, with pricing as low as $30 a line per month when you have four Unlimited data lines. And 5G is included.

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1 Line
2 Lines
3 Lines
4 Lines
All pricing accurate as of 4/15/2021. Xfinity Internet required for Xfinity Mobile. Reduced speeds after 20GB data usage per line per month. No per line access fees with Xfinity Mobile. Please note that at this time, C-Band spectrum and Ultra Wideband data use do not contribute towards this 20 GB data usage threshold.

Unlimited data starts at just $45/line per month, and you can have four lines of Unlimited data for just $120 per month – the best value available. Each additional line after the first four is just $20 per month.

Long story short: You get the best value when you add multiple lines of Unlimited, with prices lower than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile on your first three lines.

You can calculate your savings here!


Xfinity Mobile also offers the best coverage. Here’s how:

  • Access to our fast, reliable network wherever you go (*1)
  • 5G nationwide included at no additional cost (*1)
  • The most reliable 4G LTE network (*1)
  • Automatically connect to over 20 million secure Xfinity WiFi hotspots (*1)

Plus, Xfinity Internet gets you fast internet at home.

What does it all mean?

You can talk, game, email and stream to your heart’s content, pretty much wherever you go.


It’s one thing to dazzle you with our pricing and the network. But we also want to make sure you feel satisfied. Here we go:

Xfinity Mobile is rated the #1 wireless carrier (*2).

We’re #1 in value, call quality (clarity and strength) and call reliability (dropped call frequency) (*2).

Mic drop.


Here are additional Xfinity Mobile perks:

  • No activation or phone access line fees
  • No term contracts or credit check on your first two lines
  • Keep the phone you already have...
  • OR if you want something new, the best devices from Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Google.
  • Switch between Unlimited and By the Gig anytime in the Xfinity Mobile app so you only pay for what you need
  • Mix shared and unlimited data options with your family, all on one plan


Ready to see how you can save AND get great mobile service? Explore Xfinity Mobile Unlimited - Shop Apple or Samsung.

If you’re an existing Xfinity Mobile customer, and you’re ready to make the move to Unlimited, just use your Xfinity app or go to your Xfinity retail store.

1 - Xfinity Mobile utilizes the highest ranked network from RootMetrics® 1H 2020 US report. WiFi networks not tested. Results may vary. Award is not endorsement.
2 - Compared to all measured full-service providers in the 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index® (ACSI) survey of customers rating their own wireless service provider’s performance.
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