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Things to Do Before Upgrading Your Phone


November 29, 2018

Switching to a new phone involves a certain amount of preparation. Before you upgrade, remember to:

Back everything up

  • Check to see how it will affect your contract
  • Sign out of any subscription apps
  • Update your two-factor authentication

We’ll explore how to back up your phone and other important steps to take so you’ll be armed with the necessary information you need to quickly, easily, and securely transition to your new phone.

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Back up your data

If you’ve recently backed up your data, great. But if you’re like most of us, you probably haven’t been backing up as often as you should. Before you do anything else, back up the data on your phone. A few ways to do this include: 

  • An app on your phone that backs up to storage or the cloud
  • A third-party service
  • Manually copying your files

Any of these methods work, and this fundamental step can save you a lot of stress if something happens before you transfer data to your new phone.

Check your contract with your carrier

Check with your carrier to see how upgrading your phone will affect your contract. Will it automatically renew or extend the same terms of your existing plan or will it update you to a current plan? Additionally, ask your carrier about the cost of upgrading, if you’re eligible for a free phone upgrade, and if your current account is in good standing.

If you’re switching to a new carrier, make sure you can keep your old number — changing phone numbers can be a hassle. Finally, if you move from iPhone to Android or vice versa, find out if your apps will transfer to your new phone — some apps are available on both platforms, while others are exclusive to specific systems.

Subscription apps

Some apps allow access to a limited number of devices (and sometimes only one device). Signing out of everything on your old phone will help ensure a smooth sign-in process on the new one.

Update two-factor authentication

Imagine trying to sign in with your new device, only to be told you need to confirm a code that they’ve sent to your old, deactivated phone. If you use two-factor authentication, update where your security codes are sent, either to an email or to your new phone.

Once you’ve taken these simple steps, upgrading your phone should be a smooth transition. Now comes the fun part: choosing a new cell phone that’s right for you.

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