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January 31, 2019

Best Smartphone Accessories for Seniors

phone accessories for seniors

Today’s smartphones offer a wide range of capabilities, from talking and texting, to taking photos, recording videos, and apps for just about anything. Whether you’ve mastered your iPhone or you’re still learning your way around this new technology, there’s always a way to make your smartphone a little smarter. Try some of these senior citizen cell phone accessories — no tech experience required.

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High-quality phone case

You need a solid phone case to protect your phone from scratches, scrapes, and drops. Prevent cracked screens and water damage with a case that’s both shock-absorbent and waterproof. To reduce the number of things you need to carry every day, consider a wallet case that keeps your cash, credit cards, and smartphone all in one place. You can also find a cell phone carrying case with a strap that makes it easier to carry around.

Wireless headphones

Enjoy videos and music with a pair of Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones that automatically connect to your phone whenever they’re turned on. Since there’s no wire getting in the way, you can comfortably wear headphones while you work in the yard, go for a walk, or even cook dinner. Headphones for elderly cell phone users should be simple to use and comfortable. With Xfinity Mobile’s large selection of wireless headphones, you can find a pair that suits your needs and your style.

Stylus pen

Whether you struggle with or are unfamiliar using a touchscreen, a stylus gives you better control over your smartphone screen. It works like a pen and makes it easy to press your phone’s onscreen buttons.

Wireless keyboard

If you find that typing on your smartphone’s on-screen keyboard is difficult, you can connect your phone to a full-size wireless keyboard instead. A physical keyboard might be more comfortable if you have arthritis or if you simply prefer to type on a real keyboard rather than a phone. Look for a model with high contrast colors or large fonts if you have trouble reading the letters on the keys.

Magnifier stand

If you have trouble reading or watching on your phone’s small screen for long periods of time, consider a magnifier stand. Plug your phone into the cell phone kickstand attachment and see your screen projected on a larger screen (up to four times the usual size).

Hearing aid adapter

The volume on standard flip phones and smartphones may be too soft for those with hearing difficulties. A hearing aid adapter works to sync your phone’s audio with your hearing aids so the sound from phone calls, music, and video is crystal clear.

Touchscreen gloves

Keep your fingers warm this winter with a pair of touchscreen gloves. The heat-sensitive fabric lets you use your smartphone screen like usual without exposing your hands to the cold. For the best performance, look for a comfortable pair that fits your fingers well.

Selfie stick

Selfie sticks have become popular for a reason, and they’re not just for teenagers. These long-armed phone extenders make it easy to snap photos of yourself and your family during outings and vacations. Also, most models fold up to fit in your pocket or purse for easy transporting.

Old-school receiver

Do you miss the days of the traditional telephone receiver or have trouble keeping your grip on a tiny cell phone? Bring back the good old days with a cell phone accessories retro headset; a plug-in receiver that lets you talk on the phone like it’s 1970.

You can find a mobile plan that’s just right for seniors, too. With the right cell phone plan and accessories, using your smartphone can be easier than ever.