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February 21, 2020

Redeem Your Xfinity Flash Kart in Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing Xfinity Flash Kart

Crash Team Racing fans, rejoice! Xfinity customers can enjoy a limited-edition Xfinity themed cart on us. Read on and learn how to redeem your Xfinity Flash Kart in moments online.

Customers can enjoy free Xfinity cart while playing Crash Team Racing

Xfinity customers request a code from and unlock the limited edition Xfinity Flash Kart in the game Crash™ Team Racing Nitro Fueled. The limited-edition kart includes legendary wheels, a custom paint job, and slick car design.

To redeem your code online, just visit

Crash Team Racing is fun for the whole family, and now Xfinity customers can race past the competition in the limited-edition Xfinity Flash Kart. Redeem your code today and race your friends and family to the finish line!

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