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October 08, 2019

AMC’s “FearFest”, SyFy’s “31 Days of Halloween”, and More: What to Watch this Halloween

Halloween Horror Films 2019

Horror film fans, rejoice! Halloween is almost here, and that means Halloween movies and TV shows are abounding all season long. Learn more about popular Halloween movie events like AMC’s “FearFest” and SyFy’s “31 Days of Halloween”, then tune in to freaky-flicks all October long with Xfinity TV.

AMC’s FearFest 2019

According to AMC’s website, this year’s “FearFest” includes, “104 spooky titles, including classic horror franchises like Alien, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Final Destination, The Omen, Leprechaun and more”.

AMC’s FearFest kicks off on Sunday, October 13th with Halloween II airing at 10:45 AM ET. For more information you can check out AMC’s full schedule line-up here. Also, all movies featured in AMC’s FearFest will be available to rent with Xfinity video on demand and Xfinity Stream.

SyFy’s “31 Days of Halloween” 2019

In true SyFy fashion, the entire month of October will be filled with Halloween horror favorites on SyFy channel, starting with Finders Keepers on October 1st at 10 AM ET.

Other horrific titles airing on SyFy channel this October include franchises like The Haunting in Connecticut, Jeepers Creepers, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and more. You can check out the full schedule here.

More spooky collections on X1

In addition to AMC and SyFy’s respective Halloween programming, X1 will be filled to the brim with Halloween destinations all month long. You can learn more about X1’s Halloween Moviethon here, or check out the Kids’ Halloween lineup here.

Tune in to spooky movies and more all October long with Xfinity TV!

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