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January 18, 2019

Affected by the Government Shutdown? Xfinity Can Help

If you are a government worker affected by the shutdown, we’d like to help.

We appreciate the work that you do for our government, and we are here to support you during the shutdown. We know it’s especially important during this time to be able to use your Xfinity services to stay connected and to receive updates and news.

Our care teams can offer flexible payment options and will help find a solution that works for you. You can work with one of our specialists to postpone your payment if it’s due and set a new payment date. We’ll waive your late fees during this time, too, and work with you to avoid disruption to your service.

To help you manage your account, you can speak to someone from our team at 1-800-xfinity; visit our retail stores; or reach out across social channels. Our care teams are standing by.

Thank you for being an Xfinity customer.

Affected by the Government Shutdown?

Get in touch with an Xfinity Care specialist. Our team is here to help you find solutions to stay connected during this time.

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