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September 13, 2018

The Evolution of the Comcast Official Logo and Brand

comcast official logo white

The Comcast official logo has evolved quite a bit over the last six decades, as has the Comcast brand itself. Read on to learn more about the founding days of Comcast and where the technology and entertainment company is headed in the future. No matter the era, Comcast has always put its customers first, striving to provide instant access to the things that matter most with its top-selling Xfinity services.

Early Days: The 60s and 70s

It all started back in 1963 when Comcast founder Ralph J. Roberts purchased American Cable Systems, a cable provider located in Tupelo, Mississippi. Ralph brought on Dan Aaron and Julian Brodsky to embark on a mission to revolutionize the subscription-based media service. By the late nineteen-sixties, American Cable Systems had acquired multiple businesses, and in 1969, the company changed its name to Comcast and moved to Pennsylvania.

comcast official logo 1969
The original, official Comcast logo (1969,) depicted the letter C in the shape of a TV.
Fun Fact: The company name of Comcast was created from a combination of “Communication” and “Broadcast.”

Comcast went public in 1972, and its stock (CMCSA) was actively traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market. In 1974, Comcast continued to broaden its reach by purchasing the hometown hockey champion: the Philadelphia Flyers. By the late-seventies, Comcast emerged as a formidable force in the television marketplace. And in 1977, Comcast began offering HBO, which resulted in an immediate spike in subscribers.

Massive Growth: The 80s and 90s

In 1984, Brian Roberts, son of company founder Ralph Roberts, was hired to be the Vice President of Operations for Comcast’s cable division. Shortly after (in 1986), the Comcast subscriber base doubled, with a growth of 1.2 million cable customers following the purchase of 26-percent interest in Group W Cable, Inc. In 1990, Brian Roberts was elected the President of Comcast Corporation; he continued his focus on acquiring innovative and customer-centric companies. Between 1994 and 1998, over 1.3 million subscribers were added.

Innovation Explosion: The 2000s and Beyond

The 2000s were filled with technological advancements galore in the TV and Internet realm. In 2002, Comcast launched high-definition television (HDTV) and Comcast high-speed Internet. A year later, Comcast introduced Video On Demand and Comcast DVR. In 2004 and 2005, the company improved upon its home phone service offering, introducing Digital Voice and Video Mail. By 2009, Comcast Internet speeds were rapidly increasing, as 50 Mbps [Megabits per second] speeds were introduced along with Comcast high-speed 2go wireless service.

comcast official logo 2000
In 2000, a new, official Comcast logo rolled out (removing the TV, changing the font, and adding some color).

comcast official logo 2007
In 2007, the official Comcast logo underwent some slight changes with a new typeface.

An Evolution: the 2010’s

In 2010, Comcast unveiled Xfinity, a new brand for technology products. For more than a decade now, the Xfinity brand by Comcast has expanded to offer unmatched Internet, TV, streaming, home security, home phone, and mobile phone services.

xfinity logo
The official Xfinity logo for each of the main product offerings.

Then, in 2011, Comcast and General Electric formed NBCUniversal, LLC. Comcast also increased Internet speeds to 100 Mbps (which have since gotten faster).

comcast official logo 2012
In 2012, the official Comcast logo was unveiled, paying homage to new partner, NBC.

So what’s next? With a brand like Comcast, anything’s possible. As for design evolutions of the official Comcast logo (and official Xfinity logo) — only time will tell. For now, Xfinity makes life as simple, personal, and awesome as possible for customers all across the country. Interested in joining the Xfinity community? Get started today.

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