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April 14, 2021

Autism Awareness and Accessibility: How Xfinity Products are Designed for All

Xfinity Autism Awareness and Accessibility

One of the most rewarding things about creating assistive technologies for people with disabilities is how they sometimes deliver surprising, unexpected benefits that go beyond their intended purpose. It happens so often that it’s become one of our technology team’s founding principles -- when we make a product more accessible, we improve it for everyone.

That sentiment holds true when it comes to technology and its impact on autistic customers and their families. After all, just about every person with autism communicates, interacts, and learns differently. The combinations of social, emotional and communication nuances vary widely and are unique to each individual and family.

With these customers in mind, we have created and Xfinity X1 On Demand library. Customers who say “Autism” into their Xfinity X1 Voice Remote will find a collection of related content including shows, movies, and educational content.

And with Xfinity Home, people on the autism spectrum and their families can manage their home more efficiently than ever through rules and alerts that keep the household on schedule, comfortable and secure. Ease your day-to-day by scheduling lights or adjusting the temperature with automated rules. Get notifications when cameras detect the kids arriving home from school. Even create “scenes,” to manage the color and intensity of lights and room temperature for all parts of your day—from a sensory-friendly workday-from-home, to a cozy family movie night. Go to Autism On Demand to see how Comcast employee Anne Edmondson’s son, Jake, gained independence with the help of Xfinity Home.

Finally, focus and designated screen time can be particularly important for some families with autism. So for families who want to help manage their children’s Internet usage or keep their own habits on schedule, the Xfinity App with XFi includes WiFi parental controls, time alerts and usage schedules that are simple and easy to use. These features are especially useful for autistic customers who want to better manage their screen routine, and for parents want to pause WiFi during family dinners or bedtime hours.



All of these features and more are available within our suite of products, ensuring that Xfinity creates a positive experience for people of all abilities.

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