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Make Your Office Customer-Ready: How to Delight at Face-to-Face Meetings


December 07, 2018

When we visit a place of business, few of us expect more than a sparsely decorated lobby, a few magazines, and a television set with no remote control. While it may not surprise us, it certainly doesn’t inspire us to make a connection or return soon. You can surpass that low bar and welcome clients with a great first impression for your business, going above and beyond their expectations. After all, the key to a happy customer is a delighted and seamless customer experience. Here are a few perks you can offer to boost customer satisfaction at your locations.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

One of the simplest steps you can take to improve customer experience is to create a welcoming setting. This could include comfortable seating, natural light, artwork, pleasant music, and a selection of drinks and snacks. Give customers something to nibble on or drink while they wait, and they’ll be significantly happier — especially if your meeting happens to fall near lunch or you unavoidably run a few minutes behind.

Provide reliable WiFi access

A strong, and free, WiFi connection with an openly displayed password can go a long way toward keeping customers happy. Not everyone has an unlimited data plan, so providing customers with a way to check emails or access your website while they wait will win you major points. Make sure the WiFi access is reliable and has sufficient bandwidth.

With Comcast Business WiFi Pro, you can be sure that your guest connection is secure, and you can enable it and disable it according to a set schedule as well as restrict access to unsuitable websites. WiFi Pro also allows you to gather insights and data on your customers, while sharing business news and promotions via a splash page.

Make cellphone use seamless

In the past, offices provided clients with a phone to make calls. In the modern age, no one goes anywhere without their own smartphones. However, nothing could make a client want to leave your office faster than the fear of a dying phone. Provide customers with a way to charge their phone while they wait and during meetings to remove the stress of a low battery.

Worse than a dead battery? No service. If your office location has dead zones that are frustrating to you, they’re also frustrating your customers — and they can be debilitating to meetings. Work to identify poor reception areas. You may be able to easily install an antenna system to boost the signal in your building so both you and your customers don’t have to think twice about connectivity.

Go premium with entertainment offerings

Most waiting areas have a television, but the channels are limited and there is often no way to change the station. Provide a TV with an impressive channel lineup and a guide to the listings, so your customers will forget they’re waiting. Comcast Business offers a sizable number of cable channels and customizable packages so you can tailor your TV content to your business needs.

A virtual relationship is nothing compared to a face-to-face meeting. An onsite meeting with your clients is the best way to forge strong, lasting relationships — and as anyone in the business world knows, the best business relationships start with a solid first impression.

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