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Signs Your Small Business is Ready for a Phone System Upgrade


December 07, 2018

As your small business grows, the services you use will need to grow with it. There comes a point when your old phone system will no longer be able to support your increasing demands. If you don’t have enough phone lines or you’re on the road and away from your business line, you could lose customers. You can think of these as growing pains, but they don’t necessarily have to be painful. Upgrades can be easy and can make a huge difference in supporting the continued growth of your company. Keep an eye out for the following signs that your small business needs a phone system upgrade.

You have multiple locations

When your business has expanded to more than one location, you may need to upgrade your phone system. To keep all of your phone numbers and services under a single umbrella, it pays to upgrade. Think of the frustration and miscommunication that can happen when your customers are calling into various numbers, or when you need multiple people to answer the phones at various locations.

With Comcast Business VoiceEdge, you can upgrade for a flat rate based on the number of phone lines needed. The pricing is tiered, so the more you need, the lower the cost per seat. This means the service scales easily with your business. It also includes an automated attendant that can handle call waiting if all your employees are busy taking other calls at that time.

You have remote employees

It's one thing to run a business when your lines go to a single building and all your employees are located under a single roof. It's something else entirely to run a business when some of your employees work from home or from co-working spaces across the country or the globe.

In this case, an ideal choice is a VOIP phone system for your small business. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which simply means the phone services uses the Internet to route the calls to each person. The VoiceEdge service allows you take calls on any device, regardless of location, through a companion app. This can also be used for remote workers. Because the system is designed to work nationwide, your employees should have no difficulty accessing the phone system within the United States.

You’re always on the move

For some business owners, staying in the office is just not feasible. If you spend your time on sales visits, client meetings, or on-location projects, a cloud-based phone system is likely a better choice. You can set the phone system up in your office and have all calls redirected through the cloud to your mobile phone, so you can answer calls no matter where you are.

With Comcast Business Voice Mobility, you can make calls from any phone and your number identity will remain the same. The service also allows you to take calls from any location — no more missed calls because you're traveling cross-country for a client meeting or to attend a conference.

More and more businesses are making the move to Internet-based phone systems. If you notice that you're on the move a lot and miss important calls, your remote workers struggle to use your existing phone service, or that you need to amp up your service over several locations, it might be time to make an upgrade.

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