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Office Move Checklist: 5 Upgrades to Consider for Your Business in Your New Space


December 06, 2018

All successful businesses grow, and the step up from one office to another can be a major milestone for your company. Your future success rides on the location you choose, as well as the services and utilities at the new destination. Consider this checklist of office relocation upgrades to make sure you aren't overlooking any essential business needs.

1. Space

You’re moving into a new office for a reason. Most people do not plan to put a cap on their business growth, so make sure you have room to expand further as your business continues to grow. Try to find a balance between what you can afford right now and what you'll need in the future. Your new location, whether it’s a storefront or an office space, should be easily accessible for both customers and employees. Check to see that there are adequate parking lots or street parking spaces nearby.

2. Security system

Assess your security features. Are there enough streetlights? What about security cameras? Choose a spot that helps your employees and customers feel safe. Consider installing a WiFi-enabled security system that you can access remotely to keep tabs on what’s going on when you’re not there.

3. Phone and Internet service

If you're moving to a bigger office space with more employees, consider a phone and Internet upgrade to make sure your services can handle the increased load. Depending on the number of files you need to upload each day, the number of customers you serve, and the types of services you offer, you might need higher speeds to maintain consistent service throughout the workday.

For instance, a small company that uses the Internet for basics like email can get away with a service like Starter Internet, but one that needs to exchange large digital files and conduct online meetings might need Business Internet 150, which provides 150 Mbps download speeds. You can bundle these Internet plans with your phone services to cut down on overhead costs.

4. Internet hardware

Once you upgrade your Internet speed, you’ll need to update your router to provide more bands for network traffic and prevent bottlenecks and lag. More bands also ensure all your employees have the fastest possible speeds when using the Web.

If you run a business that offers free WiFi to customers, having multiple bands gives you the ability to keep all business traffic on one band and all guest traffic on another. Isolating guest traffic prevents congestion on the employee network. It also adds more security by limiting the access packet sniffing programs, or other protocol analyzers have to your network.

5. Entertainment

If you have televisions set up for your customers to view while they wait, you'll want plenty of channels to choose from. Comcast offers both Private and Public Business TV options, along with the ability to tailor the content to only the programming you want to show.

Once your business relocation is complete, double-check that your address has been changed in all relevant locations. Update all official documents, alert the local post office of the move, and check that your website and other online business listings reflect your new place. Comcast Business customers can call ahead and coordinate their move, so their network will be up and running as soon as your employees are settled into their new office space.

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Business Internet Speeds up to 1 Gig

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