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Leveraging the Cloud for Business Growth


December 06, 2018

The challenges of running a business often compound as your business grows, but that doesn't always have to be the case. If you prepare and make sure you have the necessary tools in place, you can limit the growing pains and go straight to enjoying a more profitable company. One of the easiest ways to plan ahead is to leverage cloud computing and cloud-based services to your advantage. Here's how.

Access demos and software

You can download full programs you previously purchased from the cloud as well as trial programs to test out whether an application is right for you. Comcast Business Cloud Solutions provides you with access to a variety of handpicked software options, such as Microsoft Office 365, Carbonite Pro, etc. for your small business. Access to the cloud makes it easy to install all of the software you need on any new computer, so you don’t have to manually install each program when you add another system or employee to your office.

Troubleshoot with technical support teams

Few things can bring a productive workday to a halt as quickly as a technical glitch or failure. Thankfully, you don't need your own IT department on hand at all times. Cloud Solutions gives you access to software experts that can work with you to sort out any problems you may encounter. They'll talk you through troubleshooting procedures and suggest possible solutions to any issues that may crop up.

Keep your company safe with online backups

The information and data you gather as you manage your business is vital to your continued growth. Use the cloud to set up automatic backups of your business computers on a regular basis. So, whether it’s a power outage or a hardware malfunction, you won't lose any important information. Backups can occur on whatever schedule you choose, but daily backups are your best bet — simply program the backups to take place once you've stopped working for the day.

Sign your contracts more efficiently

Every business owner is familiar with the concept of printing out a contract or document, signing it, and then scanning it right back into the computer to email it to a client — and the more business you do, the more documents you need to sign. An electronic cloud-based signature program, such as DocuSign, eliminates this step. The program allows you to sign your name once to get started — and then you can “sign” it digitally whenever you need to just by tapping a button. It’s fast, secure, easy to organize and record, and saves paper.

Manage business licenses

Software licenses can be difficult to keep track of, especially when your business has grown by a significant amount and you have a dozen or more programs to manage. Cloud Solutions makes it easy to track your licenses so that you always know when they expire and when you need to refresh them. This will help you stay productive and keep your employees from getting locked out halfway through a project because the license expired without warning.

Using cloud technology to stay on top of your business can help you boost your efficiency and free up your time for more important ventures — like growing your business.

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