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August 28, 2019

Introducing the Comcast Business Affiliate Program

Comcast Business Affiliate Program

Comcast is excited to partner with businesses both big and small with the new Comcast Business Affiliate Program. Learn more about the program and our best-in-class business products and services below, then apply online here.

Comcast Business Affiliate Program: what you need to know

With Comcast Business, organizations both large and small can go “Beyond Fast” with innovative solutions designed to help businesses boom. By signing up for the Comcast Business Affiliate Program, you can ensure that your customers will enjoy best in class business internet service and more.

With features such as a 30-day cookie window, our partners are compensated for quality web leads and each order they’ve driven (up to $125 for an online sale.) Additionally, Comcast Business provides partners with branded assets and proactive communication about the latest promotions and pricing.

Why partner with Comcast Business?

When partnering with Comcast Business, you’re partnering with a provider of best-in-class products and services. In other words, your customers know us, and likely know about our top-tier products and services.

Our business products and services are designed to boost business and encourage growth, with a large Gig-speed network, innovative business solutions, and multiple awards to boot. Whether your customers are interested in exploring Cloud technologies or phone services, Comcast Business has something for organizations both big and small.

Sign up today

If you’re ready to partner with Comcast Business, you can sign up for the Comcast Business Affiliate Program by filling out our quick and easy application here. We look forward to partnering with you.