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Comcast's Emily's Oz Commercial Featured at the Academy Awards

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Introduction to Emily's Oz: Everyone has a favorite movie.

Discover what Emily, a little girl who is blind, sees when she watches hers – The Wizard of Oz. Now, with the first talking guide from XFINITY, millions of people like Emily can enjoy the magic of TV shows and movies independently.

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Explore Emily's Oz

The Commercial

The TV commercial featured at the Academy Awards.

Watch video on The Commercial

Watch the Commercial with video description

Emily's Oz: Meet Emily

Emily is an imaginative 7-year-old who’s been blind since birth. See why we knew she’d make the perfect director.

Watch video on Meet Emily

Emily's Oz: The Build

We worked with Emily to bring her Wizard of Oz to life.

Watch video on The Build

Emily's World

See the characters from The Wizard of Oz as you’ve never seen them before.


The Cowardly Lion

The Scarecrow

The Tin Man

Learn about our accessibility features

XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System® has accessibility features built right in, with innovations like the industry’s first talking guide and the new voice remote.

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