Important Information for California XFINITY® Voice Customers

What personal information do we use, collect and share?


The types of personal information we collect, store and may, where permitted by law, use or share include:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • The type of voice services and features you subscribe to, amount of use, and calling patterns (known as Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI)
  • This information and how you can limit our sharing of it, is discussed below.


What do we do with your information?


We share your information with emergency service providers, and vendors and other service providers that assist in the provision of our services, although those entities are prohibited from using your information for any other purpose. We may also share your information with government entities as required by law. We also use this information for a number of purposes, including:


  • Operator Services
  • Caller ID
  • Routing your calls (Call Processing & Management)
  • Billing and Collections
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Comcast Marketing to you
  • 911 and Related Emergency Services



Why we may share your personal information. 

Does Comcast use/share and if so, how?

Can you limit this sharing?  How to limit the use of this information?

 * Call 1-800-XFINITY for non-published telephone number pricing information.

 Comcast does not publish phone numbers; however, phone numbers may exist in databases not controlled by Comcast - if, for example, your present phone number or address was provided to businesses or government agencies. One way to help protect your privacy may be to request assignment of a new telephone number (with which your name has not been previously associated). You may also want to activate Caller ID blocking or select the do-not-call option, as described below.

Caller ID
(Name and Telephone Number)
Yes. Caller ID provides your name and telephone number to the person you are calling.

Yes. You have two Options:

Per Line Caller ID Blocking – (automatically blocks Caller ID for all calls you make from that telephone number)


Per Call Caller ID Blocking – (blocks name and number Caller ID on a per call basis)

To activate Per Line Caller ID Blocking – at no charge, call 1-800-XFINITY

To enable Per Call Caller ID Blocking – dial *86 before each call you want to block.
Comcast Marketing of XFINITY and Partner Services
(Name, Address and Telephone Number)
Yes. Our vendors may contact you to offer you products and services affiliated with Comcast and our partners.
Yes. You may sign up for the following option:

Comcast Do Not Call List. “Do not mail” and “Do not knock“ status also available.
Call 1-800-XFINITY
Marketing of Non-Partner Services
(Name, Address, Telephone Number)

Although Comcast does not share your information for external marketing purposes, you can limit calls from third parties by signing up on the Federal Trade Commission Do Not Call List.

Go to
(Name, Address and Telephone Number)

Yes — shared with emergency service providers.

 No N/A
Call Routing, Billing/Collections, Customer Service
(Name, Address, Telephone Number and CPNI)
Yes — provided to vendors, but only for the purpose of providing your XFINITY Voice service. No N/A