The XFINITY Mobile App Is Now —

The XFINITY Connect App

New features make the app you love an even better experience.

With the XFINITYTM Connect app you can
check your XFINITY email, text with your
home phone number, listen to your voicemail
and pay your bill remotely. And now it’s all
easier than ever.


Check Out Some of the New Features


The new look and navigation is more simple and
intuitive. Now you can smoothly swipe through
the menu options.




This new feature lets you filter email, voicemail
and text messages by contact name. Stay
connected to the people you care about with
less effort.

  Groups and Favorites

Now you can select Favorites and create Groups
to make sure you never miss a message from the
important people in your life.



Address Book

The improved address book includes separate views
for your phone contacts and XFINITY contacts.





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