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Award-winning Israeli programming.

Jewish and Israeli movies, news, series and specials available whenever you want, from classic movies to comedy specials, concerts to food specials. Dozens of movies are available every month, featuring the best that Jewish and Israeli culture has to offer. You also get the world's only Jewish TV newscast, women's, lifestyle and holiday programming, and so much more.

Features and Benefits

  • Access to dozens of movies every month, plus fascinating original programming!
  • Only $6.99 more per month for access.

TJC On Demand Highlights

Fiddler Great Jewish & Israeli Movies
Explore Jewish and Israeli culture and history through the best movies available. Dozens of movies are available every month.

Srugim Dramatic Series
Get original programming, like the universally acclaimed series, Srugim. Catch up on season 1 and get ready for season 2 starting in late-November.
Lifestyle and Comedy Comedy, Lifestyle & Entertainment Programming
Original programming includes food, comedy, music and holiday specials, plus our monthly women's-issues discussion show, "The Salon."

The World's Only Jewish TV Newscast
From Washington to Jerusalem and beyond, the Jewish news that's changing your world is explored every week, with award-winning journalists.

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