Customer Guarantee in Action

Our Dedicated Employees

Every day more than 50,000 employees at Comcast work to deliver fast, reliable and respectful service to our 24 million customers. Our customers have high expectations of us, and that’s why we have even higher expectations of ourselves. Two programs, the Bow Tie Awards and the Circle of Success Awards, recognize our employees who are putting our customers first every day.

We’ll feature some of them here, so check back regularly to meet some of these outstanding employees.

Award Recipients

Read a few examples of how our employees are constantly working to provide the best experience for customers every day.

Jared, Customer Account Executive (Utah)
Jared, a Bow Tie Award recipient, goes the extra mile each and every time he speaks with a customer.

“I try to find out what the customer’s needs are, and tailor fit our products and services to best benefit them,” says Jared. Jared asks probing questions so he can understand exactly what it is the customer needs him to do for them. The customer always comes first for him, and utilizing the Customer Guarantee empowers him to focus on the customer and lets the customer know that we really do think of them first.

Greg, Technician (Beltway region)
The support of a good team and the leadership of Greg’s supervisor have helped him deliver a positive and superior customer experience.

Greg believes his best practice is communicating and educating the customer so that they feel confident with their new services. An example of Greg’s exemplary work occurred when a family was in the middle of a natural disaster. The customer came into Greg’s Comcast office and begged the office to send a tech out so that they could watch the news on their TV. Greg was sent to install their cable. After arriving to the home to a crying customer - Greg assured the customer that he would have their services up in no time. Fifteen minutes later, the customer had their service and could not stop thanking him.

Carrie, Customer Account Executive (Pennsylvania)
Carrie assisted an elderly customer who was frustrated that a Comcast technician could not fix her electrical problem since it was a job that required an electrician. While still on the phone with the customer, Carrie visited the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging web site and filled out an online application form to have an electrician dispatched to the customer’s home for free. Carrie then asked the customer if it would be okay to call her back while Carrie was on break to see if there was anything else she might be able to help take care of. Carrie recognized that this customer was in need of support and took it upon herself to bring the customer groceries the next day before work. Carrie went above and beyond to put this customer first and help her any way she could.

Brian, Technician (Utah)
Brian imagines himself as the customer each time he goes out to a job.

“If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, it makes a big difference,” Adam says. “Because I know the ins and outs, I can suggest where to put things the customer may not have thought of.” He believes the little extras can go a long way. “There are lots of things are customers may not know about,” says Adam. “I check everything before I leave a house, even if the customer wouldn’t necessarily notice. That hopefully prevents us from having to go back out in the future, which keeps the customer happy.”

Read a few examples of how our employees are constantly working to provide the best experience for customers every day.