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Service Protection Plan

Comcast does not charge for service calls needed to repair Comcast-owned facilities and equipment.  Comcast-owned facilities consist of wiring and physical plant outside your residence or apartment building.  Any equipment for which you pay a separate fee on your monthly bill is Comcast-owned equipment.  Comcast charges for service calls where Comcast-owned facilities or equipment is not the source of the service problem.   For instance, the company charges for its technicians to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with Personal Customer Equipment and to diagnose and repair problems with In-Home wiring (terms defined below).

The company offers a Service Protection Plan that protects customers from many of these service charges.  When you take advantage of the Service Protection Plan (SPP or Plan), you'll enjoy standard maintenance of installed In-home Wiring for your Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet, and Xfinity Voice services, subject to the exceptions laid out below. In addition, you'll enjoy knowing you're covered for service calls related to troubleshooting and on-site education about your Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet, and Xfinity Voice equipment and services, as well as for Personal Customer Equipment connected to these services. In addition, any Xfinity TV, Xfinity Voice or Xfinity Internet customer who also subscribes to XFINITY Home service will enjoy SPP coverage for that service too.

It's easy to sign up; click here to chat with a live agent or call 1-800-COMCAST. The plan becomes active the day you order!  The low monthly fee will appear as a separate charge on your monthly XFINITY bill statement.  The plan can be cancelled at any time, subject to the provisions laid out below.

Service Protection Plan Definitions, Terms and Conditions.

Plan Definitions:

Demarcation Point: Means a point beginning twelve inches from where wiring enters the customer’s residence. Repair and maintenance of wiring outside the home, beyond the Demarcation Point, is the responsibility of Comcast (except where the wiring is owned by a third party provider).

In-Home Wiring: Means customer-owned or controlled wiring from the Demarcation Point to the individual phone jacks, cable and internet outlets in the home.  In-Home Wiring includes all cable jumpers, cable connectors and splitters used for the covered Xfinity services in connection with the Inside Wiring.

Concealed or Inaccessible Wiring:  Means wiring that is behind sheet rock, brick, metal, cinder block, plaster, dry wall, or similar existing structural elements that cannot be serviced without breaching or damaging the structure.

Personal Customer Equipment:  Means equipment or components owned or provided by the customer including, but not limited to, TVs, third party set top boxes or modems, DVD players, computers, surround sound equipment, faxing equipment, scanners, printers, telephones.

Plan Terms and Conditions: The Plan Covers

  • Unlimited service calls for troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems relating to your Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Voice service, regardless of cause. The plan also applies to Xfinity Home service provided that you subscribe to at least one of the other three Xfinity services.
  • Replacement and repair of  In-home Wiring;
  • Service calls due to customer education about Xfinity services or equipment or Personal Customer Equipment connected to Comcast services.

The Plan Does Not Cover

  • Repair of Concealed or Inaccessible In-Home Wiring;
  • Repair of Electrical Wiring;
  • Repair or replacement of Personal Customer Equipment;
  • Initial installations or optional moves of  Internet/cable outlets or telephone jacks;
  • Repairs to wiring used to deliver: 1) non-standard telephone systems such as PBX or 2) video, telephone or data services delivered by any provider other than Comcast;
  • Replacement of wiring destroyed by fire, natural disaster, vandalism, gross negligence or deliberate damage.

Other Terms: The Plan and all services provided under the Plan are governed by the terms of Comcast’s Residential Subscriber Agreement.  The terms of the Plan are subject to change at any time with at least 30 days prior written notice.


The Plan is optional and may be cancelled at any time without charge, except where SPP was ordered in the prior 60 days and a service call occurred that would otherwise have been chargeable.  In that instance you will be charged for that service call. The Plan is effective the day the customer orders the Plan.

Special Note to Xfinity customers residing in multiple dwelling units, such as apartments, condominium or other group facility.  Under the laws of some states or applicable agreements, landlords and not tenants, may be responsible for repair and maintenance of some or all inside wiring. The customer must contact their landlord or building manager to determine responsibility.


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