How to Set Up Your Holiday Gifts

This holiday season, if you’re lucky enough to receive the newest gadgets on the market, you may be in need of more information on how to set up your holiday gifts. Or, if you’re the one giving the thoughtful gift of technology to your friends or family, look no further for set-up info that can accompany your personalized gift.

Carefully review the instructions

Congratulations! You’re now the owner of an exciting new product. Now what? Set aside some time to connect this latest addition to your home entertainment, home office or home security system. Your new television, set-top box, internet service, home phone, tablet, iPad, gaming system or home security package may offer in-home installation by a professional or self-installation options. The correct installation of new pieces of technology is crucial and will allow you to properly use and enjoy this merchandise without issue. No matter what set-up option you select, it is very important to carefully review the user guide and manual that accompanied your holiday gift. If you have any questions about the instructions associated with your new toy, it’s recommended that you call the company’s support line or review their website for more information. Once you have thoroughly reviewed the product’s instructions, manual or user guide, you can then begin enjoying its many functions.

Do your research

If you’re unfamiliar with the gift of technology you’ve been given, take some time and do your research. You can visit the company’s website to become better informed about the product and all of its features. You can also speak with a representative by phone or online to learn more about how to fully utilize your new gift. There is a wealth of information available that may not have been included in the user guide that accompanied your product. Friends, family members or colleagues may also be able to provide you with insight on how best to take advantage of newly added features or settings.

Combine, connect and customize

To improve your user experience and access more entertainment, you may wish to connect your new products with other services. For example, if you recently received a television for the holidays, you may wish to purchase a set-top box, or add on internet or home phone service features for an affordable price. If you received a gaming system you may wish to purchase or upgrade internet service to allow for a faster connection when playing your favorite games. Or, if you have increased concern about energy efficiency with your new equipment, it might be time to invest in a home automation system.

In today’s digital age, it has become increasingly easier and cost-effective to bundle or package together entertainment features. Your entertainment experience can be greatly enhanced by these interconnected platforms or interactive services. With more options than ever, you can customize settings and packages to suit your needs or those of your family’s. Be sure to do your research before deciding upon a new piece of technology to ensure you have found the best available fit.

Gift ideas: share the gift of entertainment

If you’re planning on purchasing new technology or entertainment for your family or friends, please refer to the above information regarding installation, customization and package deals. You may also wish to consider the option of purchasing a gift card to allow your loved ones to select the products of their choice. Gift cards and gift certificates allow consumers to focus on their wish-list items that they’ve included on their gift guides. They can also access exclusive offers that are available at different times of the year.

Perhaps your friend or family member has shared a holiday gift list with you. Use this information to select the perfect present! You can review company websites for more information on available products, or visit stores in person to see what new offers are available. Consult a company professional or support associate to answer any questions you may have about warrantees, installation or upgrades.

A happy new year with your new gifts

Once the holidays are over, and you’ve become more accustomed with the ins and outs of your new gift, you may wish to consider regular maintenance or an upgrade to your product. Carefully review the customer guarantee, repair and replacement information to see if you are eligible for an upgrade. Make sure to take good care of your toy, to ensure you can enjoy it for many years to come.

When setting up your new gift this holiday season, take your time and carefully review the instruction materials you have received. Knowledgeable staff can assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise. You’ll be celebrating long after the holidays are over if you decide to pursue a package or bundle deal with your new toy. No matter what add-ons you choose—or if you don’t upgrade at all—we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy your newest product!

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