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Protect your home using home surveillance equipment. Add-ons include security cameras, motion sensors for your doors, windows and more!

Home Security and Home Automation

XFINITY® Home makes it easier than ever to protect your home and family with the latest home security and automation equipment. Build your home security and home automation system with XFINITY Home security cameras, lighting and climate controls, motion sensors, and more. Customize your personal XFINITY Home setup with more options than ever for all your security and automation needs.

XFINITY Home security cameras allow users to keep an eye on things, even when they’re not at home. Choose from indoor or outdoor security cameras, or customize a package that includes both security camera options. With additional Comcast security cameras, you can look after your home, family, and valuables. With remote capabilities, you can access a live video feed of your home security camera system from anywhere on any Internet-connected device, including smartphones, tablets, or computers. With additional Comcast security cameras, you can look after your home, family, and valuables from anywhere. You’ll also receive a live video feed of your home security camera system available on any Internet-connected device, including smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Live video monitoring makes it easy to check-in and see what's happening at home. Set rules to get real-time text and email alerts every time a door or window is opened. You can even get real-time pictures emailed to you. Update all your home security settings and home automation preferences from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Plus, you’ll enjoy 24/7 professional monitoring from XFINITY’s certified central monitoring station. XFINITY Home subscribers get battery back-up in the event of a power failure and cellular back-up in the event of a network interruption—all included with XFINITY Home service at no additional cost.

In the event of an alarm, you can arm or disarm your system from anywhere, on any device. You can arm or disarm your system remotely from anywhere, on any device. Use the Touch Screen Controller to control your home's security from one sleek device. You can even keep an eye on your home and family directly from your TV. XFINITY Home technology is now seamlessly integrated with the X1 Entertainment Operating System® so XFINITY Home customers can enjoy video monitoring right on their television sets. You can see who's at the front door without missing a minute of your favorite shows.

Enjoy more control of your home with the XFINITY Home lighting pack. Lighting controllers allow you to turn lights on while heading home, so you feel safer. Remotely control your lights so you’ll never have to come home to a dark house again. Or, you can turn lights off when you're not at home to save energy. Plus, you can create an energy-efficient lighting schedule or you can customize light settings with a dimmer and two color options.

XFINITY Home appliance control provides subscribers with remote control of their household appliances when they need it most. Forgot to turn off your curling iron or coffee pot? Simply adjust these settings from an Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll start conserving more energy in no time at all.

Another great home automation tool for saving energy is EcoSaver™ technology available with an XFINITY Home thermostat. EcoSaver™ is an advanced technology that learns your heating and cooling preferences, then programs itself to help save you money on your energy bills while keeping you comfortable. Use it to save up to 10% on your energy bill! Conveniently take your thermostat with you wherever you go so you can remotely set the temperature in your home from any location. This means you can stay ahead of unpredictable weather, while always returning home to the perfect climate.

Some additional XFINITY home security equipment options include: a wireless keypad, smoke detectors, water detectors, glass break sensors, remote sirens, motion detectors, and door and window sensors for more coverage in the home, so you’ll know when a door or window is opened and in which room. Now that you’ve discovered the latest XFINITY Home technology, you’re ready to build your home security system with the best equipment available.

From professional monitoring to home automation, XFINITY Home provides homeowners with the latest equipment, advanced home security technology, and a personalized service plan. Once you decide on the right XFINITY Home package for your house or apartment, you will soon be enjoying peace of mind with a total home security and automation solution.

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